38 CP Officers Improved their Mentoring and Management skills at TLC-Intermediate
Saturday, July 13, 2019

By Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez, Puerto Rico Wing

Aguadilla, PR -

Puerto Rico Wing held for the first time a very successful Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Intermediate course. It was held on 13 July 2019 at the Honeywell Aerospace Conference room facilities in Aguadilla, PR.  There were a total of 38 students representing 20 different CAP units.

This course is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. Some of the topics covered during the newly revised course include:  Explain basic principles of youth development, Describe methods for positive, indirect leadership, describe resources for each program element and describe major national and wing activity programs.

Lt Col Ismael J. Rodríguez, Puerto Rico Wing Professional Development Officer, was the course director as well as instructor.  Lt Col Aitmalys Perez (SER-PR-001, PRWG Chief of Staff), Lt Col Juan Rodriguez Tolentino (SER-PR-123), Lt Col Rafael Martinez (SER-PR-094), Lt Col Ivelisse Peña (SER-PR-126) and Capt Suamarie Morales (SER-PR-604) assisted with instructions. All 6 instructors with Master Rating in the Cadet Program Specialty Track.

Lt Col Rodriguez stated “Leader exist for various reasons but the most important are  that you as a leader must be able to motivate, lead and inspire others”. “By teaching and preparing our adults in how to manage properly the Cadet Programs and providing them the correct tools helps them in the three things mentioned before: motivate, lead and inspire others” added by Lt Col Ismael J. Rodríguez.

The program was concluded when students turned in their evaluation forms, all indicating very positive results with no negative comments.

Members graduating the course received the certificate of completion from the hands of the PRWG Commander Col Edgardo Torres that also congratulate each of the participants for a great job emphasizing in the importance to continue improving in their Professional Development.

Special recognition to Honeywell Aerospace Laboratories that had provided all the facilities for this training and also for the great hospitality given to the Civil Air Patrol – Puerto Rico Wing.


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Students and Instructors pose after the Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Intermediate course graduation with PR Wing Commander, Col Edgardo Torres.
Photo Caption:  Students and Instructors pose after the Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Intermediate course graduation with PR Wing Commander, Col Edgardo Torres.
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