Monday, April 8, 2019

By Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez, Puerto Rico Wing

Añasco, Puerto Rico -

Group 603; sponsored a PRWG Corporate Learning Course (CLC) in the weekend of 6-7 April 2019 at Añasco, Puerto Rico. Ten members of the different units attended the course and shows a high level of professionalism.

The objective of the Corporate Learning Course (CLC) is to develop a knowledgeable corporate citizen who can contribute effectively to CAP missions in a team environment. Corporate Learning Course will examine the wing/subordinate unit relationship, as well as our relationship to region and national organizations, and explain the CAP/USAF relationship. Armed with this knowledge, officers will understand how they and their respective units can best support the wing and fulfill the corporate role of CAP. The course provides interesting and useable materials for team building and team participation by the squadron volunteer.

Students that successfully completed the course were Capt Miguel A. Ramirez (PR-068), 1st Lt Samuel Mercado (PR-079), 1st Lt Freddy Del Toro (PR-603), 1st Lt Billy Blanco (PR-161), 1st Lt Julio D. Irizarry (PR-068), 1st Lt Julie G. Rivera (PR-066), 2nd Lt Alexandra Ensenat (PR-066), 2nd Lt Daisy Martinez (PR-129) and SM Antonio E. Quiñones (PR-066).

Special thanks for a job well done to the CLC Director Major Miguel A. Vazquez and his staff. “The group performance and level of professionalism exceed by far my expectations and the instructors were very knowledgeable about the topics they teaches” stated by Lt Col Ismael J Rodriguez, PRWG Professional Development Officer.

Important to recognize the following personnel that served as instructor or staff; key players in the success of the course: Lt Col Segundo Graniela, Lt Col Juan R. Horta, Lt Col Edward Garcia, Maj Omar Martinez, Maj Johnny Santos, Maj Ernesto Arroyo, Maj Emilio L. Casiano, Maj Sergio Baez, Maj Miguel A. Vazquez (Director), Capt Ibzan Gonzalez, 1st Lt Freddy Del Toro and 1st Lt José M. Ramos.

CLC Staff and students posed for graduation photo.
Photo Caption:  CLC Staff and students posed for graduation photo.
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