Florida Wing 2019 Special Acts and Selection Boards
Monday, February 4, 2019

By Capt. Sybrian Castleman, Florida Wing

Umatilla, Fla. -

The Florida Special Activities Selection Board is an annual event intended to rank those cadets who are applying for a limited number of national summer activities, International Air Cadet Exchange program slots, and the NEW Legislative Day slots. Cadets nominated for Cadet of the Year are also interviewed as part of the selection process. Cadets take an exam, appear before a selection board, participate in a uniform inspection, and participate in a physical fitness evaluation.

This year's SASB was held at the Florida Elks Youth Ranch with 63 cadets competing from 27 units. The Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron sent 12 cadets to compete and the Pines-Miramar Composite Squadron sent 9 cadets. Other units sending one to three cadets: Stuart Composite, SRQ Composite, Ormand Beach Composite, Lantana Composite, Gen. Chuck Yeager Cadet, Central Florida Composite, Ti-Co Composite, Polk Composite, Patrick Composite, Venice Cadet, Tamiami Composite, Boca Raton Composite, Naples Cadet, Jacksonville Composite, Eglin Composite, Pensacola Composite, Tallahassee Composite, Marianna Composite, Clearwater Composite, Indian River Composite, Zephyr Airport Cadet, Key West Composite, 463rd Composite, and Opa-Locka Cadet.


Mile Run Awards:

  • Female Fleet Foot Award: C/2Lt Crystal Giron, time 5:53 (Pines-Miramar)
  • Male Fleet Foot Award: C/Capt Reef Ide, time 4:55 (Central Florida)

Written Exam Awards (Highest written exam scores):

  • Phase I: C/SrA Ethan Leeman (Tallahassee)
  • Phase II (tie): C/CMSgt Anthony Beebout (Wesley Chapel), C/CMSgt Matthew Koursiry (463rd Comp.)
  • Phase III: C/1 Lt Danielle Delgado (Zephyr)
  • Phase IV: C/Capt Sheyenne-Lee Schaefer (Indian River)

Top Board Score:

  • Phase I: C/SrA Maria Granados (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase II: C/CMSgt Anthony Beebout (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase III: C/Capt Elicia Smith (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase IV: C/Maj Cassie Ramer (Wesley Chapel)

Uniform Inspection:

  • Phase I: C/SrA Maria Granados-Reyes (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase II (tie): C/SSgt Dulaski, Alexander (Wesley Chapel), C/TSgt Kaitlyn Wollenzien (Eglin)
  • Phase III (tie): C/1Lt Emily Balling (Wesley Chapel), C/2 Lt Matthew Ramer (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase IV (tie): C/Capt Harrison Simmons (Key West), C/Maj Joshua Gauthier (Jacksonville), C/Lt Col Conrad Awve (Pines-Mirimar), C/Maj Cassie Ramer (Wesley Chapel), C/Capt Sheyenne-Lee Schaefer (Indian River)

Top Overall:

  • Phase I: C/SrA Ethan Leeman (Tallahassee)
  • Phase II: C/SSgt Alexander Dulaski (Wesley Chapel
  • Phase III: C/1Lt Danielle Delgado (Zephyr)
  • Phase IV: C/Maj Cassie Ramer (Wesley Chapel)

Top Ten Over All Score (from 10 - 2) - "Green Light to National Activity"

  • 10. C/CMSgt Nathan Lewis (Pines-Miramar)
  • 9. C/Capt Elicia Smith (Wesley Chapel)
  • 8. C/SrA Maria Granados-Reyes (Wesley Chapel)
  • 7. C/1Lt Danielle Delgado (Zephyr)
  • 6. C/SrA Ethan Leeman (Tallahassee)
  • 5. C/CMSgt Hunter Quinones (Tamiami)
  • 4. C/CMSgt Anthony Beebout (Wesley Chapel)
  • 3. C/Maj Cassie Ramer (Wesley Chapel)
  • 2. C/tSgt Kaitlyn Wollenzien (Eglin)

Top Overall Score/Eagle Award:

  • C/SSgt Alexander Dulaski (Wesley Chapel)

Legislative Day Cadet Representatives:

  • C/2Lt Crystal Giron (Pines-Miramar)
  • C/Lt Bronwyn Rees (Ti-Co)
  • C/Capt Michael Lambert (Pines-Miramar)
  • C/TSgt Daniel Batchelder (Wesley Chapel)
  • C/Capt Reef Ide (Central Florida)
  • C/1Lt Danielle Delgado (Zephyr)

Florida Wing Cadet of the Year

  • Phase I: C/SrA Ethan Leeman (Tallahassee)
  • Phase II: C/CMSgt Anthony Beebout (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase III: C/1Lt Emily Balling (Wesley Chapel)
  • Phase IV: C/Maj Cassie Ramer (Wesley Chapel)

Congratulations to all of the award winners!




2019 Legislative Day Cadet Representatives for Florida Wing
Photo Caption:  2019 Legislative Day Cadet Representatives for Florida Wing
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