Florida Wing Group 7 hosts MSA Training Course
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

By Trevor H Stewart, Group 7, Florida Wing

Opa Locka, Fla -

On Saturday, 12 January 2019, in the Flamingo Room of the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Miami, Group 7 hosted a training course for fifteen senior and cadet members interested in the Emergency Services achievement of Mission Support Assistant.

Arranged and led by Group 7 Emergency Services Training Officer, 1st Lt. Josh Wolinsky, the course focused on the six tasks required for completion of the training phase for that achievement, ahead of the Search and Rescue Exercise (SARx) scheduled for Saturday, 26 January 2019, at the Miami Executive (Tamiami) Airport.

The agenda for the activity covered:

·         The safety briefing by Lt Col Mario Baldatti, Safety Officer, Group 7 HQ.

·         Presentation on “Demonstrating knowledge of the mission staff assistant responsibilities” by Lt Col Manuel Pelati, Deputy Commander, Group 7 HQ.

·         Presentation on “Basic communications procedures for ES operations” by 1st Lt Christian Dominguez, Communications Officer, Group 7 HQ, and supported by 1st Lt Jay Rosenfeld, FLWG Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications and Information Technology.

·         Presentation on “Demonstrating the ability to escort dignitaries and visitors at mission sites” by 1st Lt Josh Wolinsky, ES Training Officer, Group 7 HQ.

·         Presentation on “Demonstrating the ability to process incoming resources for use in missions” by Maj Alejandro Garcia, ES Training Officer, Miami Springs Optimist Cadet Squadron.

·         Presentation on “Demonstrating collection and updating of incident status information” by Lt Col Trevor Stewart, Public Affairs Officer, Group 7 HQ.

·         Presentation on “Demonstrating the ability to keep a log” by 1st Lt Raul Ortiz, ES Officer, Tamiami Composite Squadron.

Other CAP seniors proving support were:

·         Lt Col Lazaro Garcia, Chief of Staff, Florida Wing HQ,

·         Lt Col David Horowitz, ES Officer and Skill Evaluator, Miami Senior Squadron One, and

·         Lt Col MJ Horowitz, Mission Staff Assistant, Miami Senior Squadron One.

At the end of the formal course presentations, attendees were tested and signed-off for various tasks by the skill evaluators present, and in preparation for the upcoming SARx later this month.

1Lt Jay Rosenfeld and 1st Lt Christian Dominguez demonstrating the use of CAP radios.
Photo Caption:  1Lt Jay Rosenfeld and 1st Lt Christian Dominguez demonstrating the use of CAP radios.
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Reviewed by: Lt. Col. Trevor Stewart
Syndicated to: Florida Wing, Group 6, Group 7
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