State Representative Grant presents Proclamation to CAP Cadet
Friday, April 27, 2018
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Florida House Representative Michael Grant, District 75, presents The General Billy Mitchell Award to Justin Anthony McDonald of Punta Gorda after administering the cadet officer oath promoting McDonald to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant in Civil Air Patrol.

By 1st Lt Julie McDonald, Venice Cadet Sqn.

Florida House of Representatives, Representative Michael Grant of District 75 in Charlotte County, Florida presented a Tribute Proclamation to Justin Anthony McDonald, 15, of Punta Gorda, after administering the cadet officer oath promoting McDonald to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant in Civil Air Patrol on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

McDonald was surprised by the Tribute Proclamation and offered a sincere ďThank you!Ē to Representative Grant, whom he served as a House Messenger in the recent legislative session.

McDonald recently received the General Billy Mitchell Award for successfully completing the Leadership Phase of the Civil Air Patrol youth program. This award is one of CAPís most prestigious cadet honors, named after an important historic and visionary figure in U.S. Military aviation. Cadet 2nd Lt. McDonald will now enter the Command Phase of the CAP cadet program at the Venice Cadet Squadron. He aspires to serve his country as a pilot in the United States Armed Forces.

The CAP Cadet Program is a year-round youth development program that incorporates aviation and military customs and courtesies. Through their experiences as CAP cadets, young people develop into responsible citizens and become tomorrow's aerospace leaders. Visit Venice Cadet Squadron at or for more information.

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