Puerto Rico Wing have a new Spaatz recipient
By Lt Col Ivelisse Peņa, Muņiz ANG Base Cadet Sq., Puerto Rico Wing | Publish: 3/5/2019

Photo: Cadet Colonel Angelymar Sanchez

Carolina, Puerto Rico --

"Little steps will get you to achieve greatest goals", said Cadet Sanchez.

Let's allow to present the newest Puerto Rico Wing Cadet Spaatz, C/Col Angelymar Sanchez #2223 from the Muņiz Air National Guard Base Cadet Squadron, SER-PR-126.

Cadet Sanchez had make history in her unit to be the first cadet to satisfactorily passed all four events of the test in the first attempt; which is a representation of commitment and long hours of preparation.Cadet Sanchez became the fifth cadet to passed the Spaatz Award Examination after seven years gap of her predecessor C/Col Pamela Blanco Coca; currently Capt in the United States Air Force. An interesting fact in her unit Spaatz history, is that only females cadets had achieved this great milestone in becoming Cadet Colonel.

Cadet Sanchez joined CAP in October 2015 and only in 3 years and 5 months she completed all the CAP achievements.

Her accomplishments in the Civil Air Patrol included:





Leadership Positions

Awards and Recognitions

Aviation Credential

Cadet Angelymar Sanchez is a vivid example of dedication to others and excellence in all we do. Cadet Sanchez is an inspiration to her unit and her long hard hours of dedication for the examination have been paid off.

Congratulations. Job well done.

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