Southeast Region Cadet Advisory Council Holds Weekend Retreat
By Public Affairs Team, Southeast Region | Publish: 2/25/2019

Photo: Cadets from all six Southeast Region wings attended the Cadet Advisory Council retreat.

Marietta, Ga --

Cadets from every wing in the Southeast Region attended a weekend face-to-face Cadet Advisory Council retreat Feb. 22-24 at Georgia Wing Headquarters, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, in Marietta, Georgia.

The cadets, joined by Region Commander Col. Barry Melton and Region Deputy Chief of Staff for Cadet Programs Lt. Col. Jeff Garrett. discussed new ideas, ideas in progress and other items of interest to the national organization.

It was the first time Southeast Region had brought the entire CAC together for a dedicated weekend meeting of this nature and the results were beyond outstanding, Melton said.

The nine cadets developed their own weekend schedule, set their own internal benchmarks and goals, worked long hours without complaints, and developed a total of nine proposals to present within their wings or at a national level, Melton said.

The meeting's capstone was a video conference call with the Southeast Region's wing commanders or their designee, with Georgia Wing Commander Col. Andrea Van Buren attending in person.

Melton said the entire Southeast Region Leadership team was extremely pleased with what these cadets had developed and presented in such a short time without any direct involvement from senior members, further demonstrating exactly what our cadets can accomplish given the opportunity to lead and perform on their own.

Cadet Lt. Col. Conrad Awve, chair of the Southeast Region CAC, said he was pleased at how the group came together in such a short time and created this level of quality work and the constant level of professionalism they demonstrated.

Awve said the Region CAC will continue to address these proposals and look for new challenges to accept as they continue their term.

Cadets at the retreat were:

-- C/Lt. Col. Conrad Awve, Chair

-- C/Capt. Edgar Cancel, Vice Chair

-- C/Capt. Chambers Bethea, Recorder

-- C/Col. Charles Read, Florida Wing

-- C/Lt. Col .Jennifer Torres, Puerto Rico Wing

-- C/Capt. Joseph Crum, Mississippi Wing

-- C/1st Lt. Carey Calloway, Tennessee Wing

-- C/2nd Lt. Jack Lockett, Georgia Wing

-- C/CMSgt. Ashley Wolfe, Alabama Wing

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