Student Leadership Academy Cadet Squadron's Rocketry Day a Blast!
By Major Madeline Kirsten, Student Leadership Academy Cadet Sq., Group 5, Florida Wing | Publish: 12/3/2018

Photo: C/Senior Master Sergeant Cruz launches a rocket.

Venice, Fla --

Civil Air Patrol cadets from The Student Leadership Academy Middle School Squadron hosted their annual rocketry day, Saturday, October 13th, also inviting cadets from The Venice Cadet Squadron.  The collaborative squadron rocketry day followed a four-month long Civil Air Patrol STEM supplied curriculum, designed to initiate the invigorating program of the history and pioneers of rocketry, rocketry mechanics, rocketry safety, and aerospace principles.  The cadets ended this in-depth educational endeavor with the launching of Civil Air Patrol rockets supplied free to the squadron by the Civil Air Patrol’s STEM kit program.  Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Merlino, the squadron’s Cadet Aerospace Education NCO said, “after all of our hard work, studying and building, it was nice to leave the class setting and watch the rockets take off.” 

The cadets, supervised by the Squadron Commander, 1st Lieutenant Andre Bouchane, and Aerospace Education Officer, Major Kirsten, were able to launch "beginning" Alpha III rockets with A8-3 motors. The STEM kit came accompanied with launch pads, and controllers. Commander Bouchane commented, “The Civil Air Patrol rocketry day was a successful way to end our yearly rocketry program.”  Another exciting part of the day was the onsite presence of Venice Firefighters and Venice Fire Department truck 51, who volunteered to come to the event and insure safety of all Civil Air Patrol members and spectators.    

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