Florida Wing Summer Encampment Begins
By 1st Lt Donald Binner, Naples Cadet Sq. | Publish: 6/27/2018

Photo: Cadets at the Florida Wing 2018 Summer Encampment reception area at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center.

Starke, FL --

Arrival day at Summer Encampment greeted arriving cadets and parents with warm temperatures and an enthusiastic staff.One hundred and forty-four first time cadets disembarked at Camp Blanding’s main gate with gear in-hand to begin their week at encampment.

Encampment deputy director 1st Lt Jack Duich and a cadet cadre greeted the new arrivals. Duich met the parents and said “we are grateful that parents have entrusted the Encampment Staff with their young cadets. We strive to provide a safe and enriching experience for each cadet.” He also informed parents about the many exciting and challenging opportunities scheduled for the following week like glider flights.

A common question Duich answered concerned parents attending the graduation ceremony. He informed them that the guest registration information would be sent out a few days before the ceremony. 

The cadets went through the multi-step process for entering encampment. First, their application paperwork was inspected for accuracy and completeness. Then each cadet’s possessions were reviewed against the packing list. CAP vans were on hand to transport cadets from the gate area to begin their encampment experience.

Each full van arrived at the dining facility where the student cadets were greeted by the awaiting highly motivated cadet staff.  The incoming cadets unloaded their gear and were assigned to a barracks. They were swiftly directed inside to get their photo taken to be placed on Facebook. Cadets quickly rejoined their squad and proceeded to their barracks to stow personal gear and meet soon to be new friends.

The first day ended with a welcome assembly held at the nearby amphitheater. Encampment Commander Lt Colonel Luis Negron opened the ceremony with a personal greeting to all 249 encampment attendees. He introduced the command team and cadet staff members. He encouraged everyone to live CAP core values.  Negron said “We have a lot of fun lined up and by the end of the week the cadets will not want to leave.”

One hundred and five senior members and cadets arrived several days earlier from around Florida for in-service training to prepare for the Florida Wing Summer Encampment 2018.






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