Lee County Squadron holds End of School Year Banquet
By 1Lt Ruth Byron, Public Affairs Officer, Lee County Schools Cadet Sqn. | Publish: 6/15/2018

Photo: End of school year awards and promotions ceremony was held at Gulf Middle School in Cape Coral, Fla. (Photo credit; 1st Lt Ruth Byron)

CAPE CORAL, Fla., --

The friends, family and honored guests of members from the Lee County Schools Cadet Squadron were treated to a year-end potluck dinner to celebrate the challenging work and fun exploration that is a part of life as a Civil Air Patrol cadet.

The banquet was held on May 17, 2018 in the media center of Gulf Middle School to highlight the success of a year of academic study, discussions about moral character, physical fitness training, drill pad exercises and field training -- including search and rescue and bivouac skill development.

The Lawrence Kearny Chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution was represented at the event by Dinah Osborne, Vice Reagent, and Anne McGuire, Regent. presented the Distinguished Citizen Medal to Lt Col Jim Spieth and Major Nancy Spieth for their years of dedicated effort work to support the squadron, school, community and most importantly, the youth of Lee County.

A record number of promotions and awards presented at this year’s banquet.


Promotions recognized at the dinner were:

Volunteer service is one of CAP’s four core values. In addition to their focus on advancement through the program, the cadets support in local community events. This year’s activities included Aviation Day at Page Field, local Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies and other events where the squadron honor guard provided color guard services.

On May 23rd, the color guard presented the colors for Military Appreciation Diner for Araba Shrine in Fort Myers. The cadets served the Nobles and Ladies a BBQ dinner. The Shriners provided tips to assist in the cadets attending Summer Encampment. On Memorial Day the color guard presented colors at the Cape Coral Military Museum in Cape Coral. The final color guard event was for the Gulf Middle School 8th Grade Awards Ceremony held at Ida Baker High School, in Cape Coral.

The Lee County Schools Cadet Squadron is one of two school-sponsored squadrons in southwest Florida.

V.I.P. guests included Lt Col Jim Spieth, Commander, FL 816; Lt Col Jim Kaletta, Commander, Group 5 Headquarters; C/Lt Col Mekhela Hicks, Chairperson, Cadet Advisory Council. Also, in attendance, the parents and friends “who lend us their loved ones for two hours, once a week during the school year”. The chicken and ribs for the banquet were donated by Lt Col. Roger Borg, CAP. The parents of cadets provided side dishes.

“I am really proud of these cadets,” said former commander, Major Nancy Spieth. “Congratulations to everyone! These promotions and awards are well deserved.”

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