Civil Air Patrol Assists Air Force At MacDill Airfest
By C/SMSgt Autumn Rhodes and C/MSgt William Grady, Charlotte County Composite Squadron, Hernando Composite Squadron | Publish: 5/13/2018

Photo: The cadets are receiving the signs to post around the airfield prior to the airshow.

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL --

The cadets of the Florida Wing are being given a first-hand experience in supporting MacDill Air Force Base during the air festival. Throughout the weekend, the courageous cadets, and senior memberís primary goal is to work in protecting the static displays around the airfield. As well as assisting in first aid activities, and promoting safety. Additionally, senior members and cadets are utilizing the airshow as a significant recruitment tool, explaining Civil Air Patrolís missions. Today, while on duty, all 104 of the cadets are working diligently to protect the aircraft, and civilians from hazards.They place signs that describe the types of aircraft on the flight line, and their functions. While at the airshow, Civil Air Patrolís goals are to provide air show security, promote safety, provide a positive environment for the attendees, and have fun. The cadets on the field are looking sharp, persevering, and representing Civil Air Patrolís Core Values.

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