Introducing CAP To The Air Fest 2018 Spectators Is The Order Of The Day
By SM Ronald Rowe, Sarasota Composite Squadron | Publish: 5/13/2018

Photo: Major Ricketts, Director of Recruiting and Retention speaks to an attendee with 2nd Lt. Schiezeck and Cadet Col. King assisting.

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL -- Air Fest is one of the best opportunities for CAP to make contact with the public and the attendance for Air Fest 2018 has been large. CAP set up an information area in Hanger 3 with a flight simulator, information and a friendly staff led by Major Ricketts and 2Lt Purcell. There was a steady line at the flight simulator and much interest in CAP. Nearby, the Pinellas Senior Squadron FL-182, flew in a Cessna 172 and allowed the public to sit in the cockpit. There was a steady line of young people enjoying the experience.

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