National Civil Air Patrol Academic Scholarship Awarded to Boca Raton Cadet Edward Zha
Thursday, June 13, 2019

By 1st Lt Elise Stimpson,

Boca Raton, Fla. -

Cadet 1st Lt. Edward Zhang from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Boca Raton Composite Squadron has been selected to receive a prestigious 2019 Civil Air Patrol Academic Scholarship. The national scholarship was awarded to him because of his superior performance as a student, citizen, and Civil Air Patrol member. 

Major General Mark Smith, CAP National Commander said: “Cadet Zhang had tough competition. Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters received 263 scholarship applications, and 61 of the applicants had a 3.80 or higher GPA and an SAT score of 1311 and/or an ACT score of 28 or above.  These scores put CAP’s scholarship applicants on academic par with US Air Force Academy entering freshman.  For the aviation-minded, 145 of the applicants indicated they have piloting experience equivalent to the CAP pre-solo badge or more.  Judging by the competition, Cadet Zhang’s accomplishments placed him at the top of the best of the best.” 

In a letter addressed to Cadet Zhang, Maj. Gen. Smith said: “I am pleased that we, CAP, can honor you with a reward for a job well-done, which helps you achieve your future academic or aviation goals. Again, congratulations on earning this scholarship.  I am confident that you will continue your outstanding efforts as an excellent Civil Air Patrol ambassador and role model in your community.  Good luck on your future endeavors.”

The Boca Raton Composite Squadron is proud of the fact that one of our cadets was awarded this sought-after scholarship. Cadet Zhang said: “The Civil Air Patrol Cadet program has really helped me develop my leadership and communication skills so that I can pursue my goals of innovation in electrical systems and finance.”

Civil Air Patrol is committed to transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s aerospace leaders, by motivating students to succeed academically through aerospace, leadership and character education. The emphasis on discipline and teamwork helps students to set goals for themselves and fulfill their academic potential. “CAP motivates young people to pursue excellence in whatever they choose to do”; in the words of Maj. Nicole Malachowski USAF (Ret), former CAP Cadet and first female Thunderbird pilot.

Cadet 1st Lt. Zhang pictured at a recent Florida Wing Encampment where he served as a staff member.
Photo Caption:  Cadet 1st Lt. Zhang pictured at a recent Florida Wing Encampment where he served as a staff member.
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