Communications Officers Meet in Boca Raton
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By Capt. Catherine Scantlan,

Boca Raton, Fla. -

Florida Wing’s Group 6 hosted a communications specific meeting at the Boca Raton Composite Squadron in February. Boca’s communications officer, Capt. Douglas Martin arranged and facilitated the meeting. All communications officers in Group 6 were invited.  This was a great opportunity for communications officers to get to know other communicators (beyond their call signs) and learn more about the communication program and procedures within our organization.  

The topics discussed included current and future plans for Civil Air Patrol in this field, and more importantly, how communications is vital to operations, search and rescue, and serving our community partners, including the Air Force. Attendees received credit toward advancing their rating in the Communications Specially Track.   The attendees’ experience ranged from decades of working in communications to beginners who had only completed their basic communications course.

While held at the Group level, the invited presenters were from many levels of CAP. In attendance were South East Region’s Director of Communications Lt. Col. Joel Katz; Florida Wing’s A6 Senior Director, 1st Lt. Jay Rosenfeld; Assistant Florida Wing Communications Officer and Group 6 Communications Officer, Lt. Col. Robert Masiker; and Florida Wing Search and Rescue Officer Lt. Col. Bruce Smith.  

Special guests included Florida Wing’s Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Laz Garcia, and Florida Wing’s Health Service Officer, Capt. Catherine Scantlan attending in her secondary role as the Assistant Group 6 Public Affairs officer. Members who attended were from Boca Raton Composite, Lantana Composite, Cooper City Composite, Coral Springs Cadet, Pines-Miramar Composite, and Stuart Composite.

The meeting included a review of current radio models in use and a discussion of the goal to convert all of the Wing’s radios to digital. Plans to conduct regular advanced radio net engagement where all radios are used and tested on a regular basis, particularly those installed in CAP vehicles, was reviewed as an important task for the communications team. Lt. Col. Katz presented information about ways communications officers can help strengthen relationships with local Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). For example, in Broward County, there is a CAP radio installed at the EOC.  Civil Air Patrol communications officers go to the EOC on a monthly basis to test the radio, giving them an opportunity to interact with their EOC counterparts and build trust between the two organizations. 

Host Capt. Doug Martin stated he “was very happy with the turn out, and appreciated the support from all levels of Florida and South East Region, and feels the time spent by all, the networking, the education and the discussions, were beneficial, and hopes other units will coordinate future communications meetings.”

Communications Officers' Meeting attendees
Photo Caption:  Communications Officers' Meeting attendees
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