Group 5 prepares Tomorrow's CAP Corporate Leaders
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

By Lt Col Jeff Carlson, Public Affairs Officer, Group 5 Headquarters

Cape Coral, Fla. -

The Group 5 professional development team conducted a Corporate Learning Course (CLC) capstone session on January 27, 2018 in Cape Coral, Florida. Seven members graduated the daylong seminar that emphasized the importance of developing interpersonal and teamwork skills while preparing for higher-level and more complex activities and programs.

“I would like to thank the members who participated the CLC class,” said Course Director, Lt. Col. Raymond Rosenberg. “You are all now well on your way to completing Level III. The CAP organization will benefit by your continuing advancement in rank and increased proficiency in your specialty skills.”

The Civil Air Patrol provides its members many opportunities beyond the three primary missions of aerospace education, emergency services and cadet programs. Members can gain marketable skills and hone leadership ability while completing the five levels of the professional development program.

The CLC is one of the requirements of the third level that builds upon the technical expertise gained while earning Level II’s Benjamin O. Davis Award. Level III focuses on organizational management and prepares members for positions beyond the squadron level.

“I want to thank our instructors and facility hosts, Nancy and Jim Spieth, for the hard work and dedication to CAP’s professional development program,” said Rosenberg. “Teamwork is very important in a volunteer organization like CAP. You all got involved and participated like champs.”

Pictured in photo; Front: Capt. Madeline Kirsten (FL804), Lt. Col. Tommy O Meeker (FL376), Lt. Col. Frank Moruzzi (Instructor), Capt. James Deer (Instructor), 1st Lt. Eric Gavel (FL335).

Back: 1st Lt. Al Losacano, Jr. (FL051), 1st Lt Robert E Krotzer (FL051), 1st Lt. Micheal Webb (FL376), Maj. Robert Corriveau (Instructor), 1st Lt Kevin J Beaver (FL051), Lt. Col. Raymond Rosenberg (Director).

Group 5 CLC class of 2018 graduates and course instructors.
Photo Caption:  Group 5 CLC class of 2018 graduates and course instructors.
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