Naples Cadets Show 4th of July Patriotic Pride
Monday, July 17, 2017
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Photo Caption:
Cadets with Naples Cadet Squadron joined Naples Airport Authority to participate in 4th of July parade through downtown Naples.

By 1st Lt Donald Binner, Public Affairs Officer, Naples Cadet Squadron
Naples, Fla.--Naples Civil Air Patrol cadets turned out in a display of patriotic pride for annual 4th of July parade in downtown Naples. Sunny and warm weather greeted the seven cadets and one Senior Member as they assembled early Tuesday morning to prepare for the parade filled with festive floats for thousands of spectators.

The uniformed cadets arrived in BDU’s or Blues and quickly located the parade assembly area. They interacted with the crowd and answered questions as they waited. Several former cadets stopped by to speak with the cadets and to revisit their past CAP experience. The former cadets were encouraged to attend a CAP meeting. As parade officials made final arrangements, the cadets organized themselves with some chosen to walk and others to ride on the Naples Airport Authority truck.

The jubilant crowd greeted the cadets as Naples Cadet Commander C/CMSgt Sean Phillips led his cadre along the three and one half mile parade route. The cadets distributed candy and CAP flyers to those that lined the parade route. The crowd greeted the cadets with “Happy 4th” with hands and flags waving along the entire parade route.

“All the cadets received hearty thanks from the parade attendees including local community emergency services providers,” said Squadron Commander, Maj. Kevin Dinger. “It that the community recognizes the cadet’s valuable contributions.”

The Naples Airport Authority employees also thanked the cadets for participating in the parade. The Naples Cadet Squadron is based from the Civil Air Patrol hangar on airport property, and the two organizations work in partnership for community events.

Pictured with Naples Airport Fire truck are Cadet Suarez, Cadet Stiehl, C/SrA Gonzalez,C/MSgt Phillips, C/SSgt Drake, C/CMSgt McIntire C/A1C Katz and 1st Lt Donald Binner.

C/SrA Gonzalez distributes candy to children along parade route.
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Reviewed by: 1st Lt. Donald Binner
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