Naples Cadet Squadron Shows Community Support at Humane Society Run4Paws
Thursday, February 9, 2017

By 1st Lt Donald Binner, Naples Cadet Squadron

Naples, Fla. -

On 28 January 2017, Naples Cadet Squadron supplied the parking lot and facilities for the Run4Paws to set up support booths and an awards tent. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members took the opportunity for recruiting and to create additional exposure to the community. 

A perfect morning greeted the participants at the 11th Annual Run4Paws, held at the Naples Civil Air Patrol hangar. At 7 AM, a cool, crisp morning found 1st Lt Donald Binner, PAO, and C/Amn Ari Mastrogiacomo watching the sun rise. Members of the Naples Cadet Squadron soon arrived at the CAP hangar in community support of the annual 5K Humane Society race.

Five CAP members arrived early for the race while others took the opportunity to recruit or promote the Civil Air Patrol. Participating for the first time were C/A1C Cendall Gonzales, C/Amn Ari Mastrogiacomo, C/SSgt Sean Phillips. Second year returning senior members were 1st Lt Donald Binner and 2nd Lt David Stevens. Many parents of our cadets were there for support.

The 8AM start had cadets Gonzales and Phillips with an early lead. They completed the 5K race with run times in the 30 minute range. Binner and Mastrogiacomo finished but it took a little longer. Stevens remained at the base to recruit: the event drew over 700 runners.

The race was mostly completed by 9AM, the awards then followed. After the race, Stevens, Binner and Mastrogiacomo were seen interacting with the crowd, distributing CAP brochures to adults and children alike. 

Binner, Stevens, Mastrogiacomo

1st Lt Donald Binner and C/AMN Ari Mastrogiacomo watch the sun rise before annual Run4Paws race
Photo Caption:  1st Lt Donald Binner and C/AMN Ari Mastrogiacomo watch the sun rise before annual Run4Paws race
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