2019 CLC Capstone graduates Thirteen in Group 5
By Maj Robert Corriveau, Professional Development Officer, Group 5 Headquarters | Publish: 12/19/2019

Photo: Graduating Class of Group 5 2019 Corporate Learning Course. (Photo Credit: Lt. Col. D. Moruzzi)


On December 14, 2019, Civil Air Patrol Florida Wing Group 5 held a professional development capstone session at the Charlotte County Airport Authority meeting room on the Punta Gorda airport grounds.  There were thirteen graduates from the 2019 Florida Wing Group 5 Corporate Learning Course (CLC).

The CLC participants came from six different squadrons and represented two of Florida Wing's operation groups. Two attendees were from the Polk County Composite Squadron in Winter Haven, Florida and drove 95 miles each way to complete the professional development training. 

“This is a significant milestone for a CAP volunteer,” said Lt. Col. Milton “Jim” Kaletta, Group 5 Commander. “These senior members have already invested several years in their CAP careers toward professional development along with other required CAP training. This achievement represents a unique level of dedication and opens the door to greater responsibility within the organization.”

The CAP Corporate Learning Course is offered in a blended-learning format. The course material examines how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP's three missions of aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs. The focus is on the working relationships that wing staff officers have with each other and their squadron level counterparts. CLC participants complete the initial portion of the course using the Internet prior to attending the capstone session which offers the participants a face-to-face encounter with other members to engage in further study of the course topics.

Lt. Col. Dave Moruzzi served as Course Director for the 2019 course. Moruzzi was assisted by Major Judy Schiff, FL023, and Major Lyle Odland, FL376. 

Moruzzi indicated that the Punta Gorda airport facility provided an excellent venue for the presentation of the course materials.

Kaletta commented that the Punta Gorda airport management has consistently supported the CAP mission in both blue-sky and grey-sky periods.

“We value our volunteers and the airport’s support very much,” said Kaletta.

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