Kozloski Promoted to Grade of Major
By 2nd Lt. Ronald Rowe, Public Affairs Officer, SRQ Composite Squadron | Publish: 10/27/2019

Photo: Major Kozloski is accompanied by her parents at the promotion ceremony.


Civil Air Patrol Captain Ann Marie Kozloski, SRQ Composite Squadron, recently received a promotion to the field grade of Major.  

“Achieving the Civil Air Patrol grade of Major represents extraordinary dedication and service for a senior member,” said Captain Peter Leckband, Commander, SRQ Composite Squadron. “Field grade officers are expected to take on a greater leadership role at higher levels of the hierarchy.” Kosloski currently serves as Group 5 Headquarters Cadet Programs Officer and Deputy Commander of Cadets, SRQ Composite Squadron.  

For promotion to the rank of Major, a member must complete Level IV of the CAP professional development program and serve four years time-in-grade as Captain.   “Major Kosloki has surpassed all the requirements to be recognized for her accomplishment,” said Leckband. "Under her leadership, the Sarasota cadet program has consistently outperformed other squadrons across Florida and was the only Group 5 squadron to earn the 2019 Quality Cadet Unit Award."   

Leckband explained that volunteer members like Kosloski demonstrate a valuable commitment to mission success. Kozloski completed a 40-hour in-residence study of management, leadership, communication skills and region-level CAP mission policy. In addition to graduation from CAP’s Region Staff College, Kosloski earned a master-rating in cadet programs and aerospace education.  

“Major Kosloski is an authentic leader and represents CAP’s core values of excellence, respect, integrity and volunteer service. Cadets like and respect her, often seeking her mentorship. She now serves at the group-level to support other unit’s efforts to better serve Florida's cadets,” said Leckband. “She is an inspirational leader, consistently displaying passion and integrity.”  

“The Civil Air Patrol, our cadets and communities are fortunate to have Major Kosloski on duty helping to develop our youth.”  

The promotion ceremony, held on Monday, October 7, 2019, was officiated by Commander Leckband with Kosloski’s mother and father in attendance along with many cadets, senior members and parents of cadets.  

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