By Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez, Puerto Rico Wing | Publish: 3/24/2019

Photo: UCC Staff and Students pose for the graduation photo.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico --

During the weekend of March 23-24, a Unit Commander Course was held at the Puerto Rico Wing in Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Mayaguez at Mayaguez, PR.

Fourteen students from across the state participated in an intensive, two-day workshop featuring a number of management topics related to CAP Squadron Management. For the first time, Puerto Rico Wing performed the Unit Commander Course (UCC) using the blended format (blended meaning starting online with a "precourse," and finishing in-residence). The blended format requires the student to read the materials, complete some assignments and take the block quizzes online before attending the 2-day course. In this way, the time spent in the classroom is spent in discussion, case study and application, rather than a more conventional lecture-based format.

The objective of the UCC is to build a cadre of well-trained officers who are prepared to lead and manage at the squadron level. Graduates will be able to weave the management responsibilities of command with the leadership skills necessary to build and encourage their team of dedicated members from all walks of life and of all ages to accomplish CAP's mission and squadron objectives. 

Successfully completing the 2019 Blended Unit Commanders Course were: 1st Lt Freddy Del Toro, Capt Miguel Rivera, Maj Miguel Vazquez, 1st Lt José Ramos, Maj Ernesto Arroyo, 2d Lt Daisy Martinez, 1st Lt Julie Rivera, Capt Ibzan González, 1st Lt Sonia Mendez, 1st Lt Lissette Hernández, SM Javier Nievez, 1st Lt Chrysanti Rodriguez, Capt Pablo Velez and 1st Lt Virgilio Jimenez. During the two full days of seminar-based instruction, a great deal of discussion and debate was generated by the class participants, making the weekend fly by. The Course Director was 1Lt. Samuel Mercado and he was assisted by Maj Eduardo Rodriguez, Maj Johnny Santos, Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez (PRWG Professional Development Officer), Lt Col Aitmalys Perez (PRWG Chief of Staff) and Lt Col Juan R. Horta. Personnel that attended the course were from units: PR-603, PR-079, PR-002, PR-129, PR-066, PR-035, PR-161 and PR-034.

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