Florida Wing Group 7 Hosts IT Workshop
By 1st Lt. Christian Dominguez, Opa-Locka Cadet Sq., Florida Wing | Publish: 3/19/2019

Photo: 1st Lt Paul Jilbert, FLWG Director of IT, delivering his presentation at the workshop.

Miami Gardens, Fla. --

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Group 7 hosted an Information Technology (IT) Workshop at Florida Memorial University with the goal of providing an update to unit Information Technology Officers and Squadron Commanders about important IT developments within Civil Air Patrol. The workshop was officially opened by Group 7 Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Manuel Pelati, who welcomed the participants.

The keynote presentation, on development plans for Florida Wing IT, was delivered by the Director of Information Technologies, 1st Lt. Paul Jilbert, who was supported by Florida Wing Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Lazaro Garcia, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and IT, 1st Lt. Jay Rosenfeld. During the presentation, Lt. Jilbert emphasized the importance of members utilizing the wing-issued email accounts and the proper use of the CAP signature block in official email communications. He also encouraged attendees to mentor IT-inclined cadets and start appointing cadet ITO's wherever and whenever possible. 

The activity was planned and coordinated by Lt. Col. Trevor Stewart, Group 7 IT Officer, and staffed by CAP officers: Capt. Josh Wolinsky, Miami Springs IT Officer; 2nd Lt. Jim Romero, Miami Senior One IT Officer; 1st Lt. Miguel de la Fuente, Opa-Locka IT Officer; 1st Lt. Darius Calvert, Opa-Locka Safety Officer; and 1st Lt. Christian Dominguez, Opa-Locka Public Affairs Officer.

The sixteen participants, who came from units across Group 6 and Group 7  included two cadets, one each from Miami Springs and Key West, were encouraged to share the presented information with other CAP members on their return to their home units. 

At the end of the workshop, Lt. Col. Manuel Pelati commented, “The information that was disseminated was very important not only for ITO’s but for Squadron Command Staff.  We were able to receive valuable and up-to-date information.”

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