South East Regional Fly-In
By Cadet Staff Sergeant Hannah Perry, Pensacola Cadet Sq., Florida Wing | Publish: 11/23/2018

Photo: 2nd Lt. Lois Franklin and Cadet Airmen Zeque Guerra on the flight line. (Photo by Cadet Staff Sergeant Hannah Perry.)

Middleton field, Evergreen Ala. --

For the Last 13 years cadets from the Pensacola Cadet Squadron FL-425 have participated in the South East Regional Fly-In, otherwise known as SERFI. This year they traveled to Middleton Field, in Evergreen Ala, to assist with the fly-in on Oct 19-21. Ten cadets and several senior members participated in the activity. The cadets have been training for SERFI since August and have now had a chance to put the training to use. They assisted in marshaling planes on the taxi ways, and even assisted in moving a few planes in out of hangers. Though they didnít get a lot of planes in, due to the weather, they did have a lot of fun at the sausage festival and rodeo that was also at Middleton Field the same weekend.

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