Charlotte County Composite Squadron Volunteers at the Florida International Air Show
By 2nd Lt. Donna Jablonski, Charlotte County Composite Sq., Florida Wing | Publish: 10/29/2018

Photo: Commander Major Gerald Lewis (left) with 2nd Lt Robert Sohl (right)

Punta Gorda, Fla. --

The Charlotte County Composite Squadron worked as volunteers for the 16th year at the Florida International Air Show held at the Punta Gorda Airport over the weekend of Oct. 19.

Twenty-three senior members and 14 cadets from the squadron manned five posts in support of the event to assure guest safety and visitor relations. They served over 300 volunteer hours during the weekend with 2nd Lt. Robert Sohl as the coordinator for the Charlotte County Composite Squadron.

One of the tasks the squadron cadets performed each day was to help retrieve and fold the American flag once the SOCOM Para-Commandos landed on the field during opening ceremonies. Each of the cadets received a commemorative coin from the SOCOM team for their assistance. 

The Charlotte County Composite Squadron expects to return to the event in 2019 when the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are scheduled to perform. 

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