Florida Wing Group 7 Awards Banquet
By Lt. Col. Trevor H. Stewart, | Publish: 10/22/2018

Photo: Group 7 Gerber awardees pose with FLWG Chief of Staff and Group 7 Commander From left, Lt. Col. Lazaro Garcia – FLWG Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Oscar Finol, Lt. Col. Bonnie Hinck-Baldatti, Lt. Col. Mario Baldatti, and Lt. Col. Manuel Pelati – Group 7 Commander

Miami, Fla --

On Saturday, Oct. 6. Florida Wing’s Group 7 held its 2018 Awards Banquet at the historic 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, in the environs of the Miami International Airport, with 90 Civil Air Patrol seniors, cadets and guests in attendance.

Master of Ceremonies, 1st Lt. Jay Rosenfeld, Florida Wing Director of Communications, called the room to attention, announced the arrival of the official party, and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Following this, Group 7 Chaplain, Lt. Col. Joseph Moldon delivered the Invocation, after which the Tamiami Honor Guard paid tribute to the U.S. military by performing the POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremony.

In his opening remarks, Lt. Rosenfeld welcomed all attendees and recognized those individuals who had been CAP members for more than 20 years, including Lt. Col. M J Horowitz (46 years), Lt. Col. David Horowitz (41 Years), 1st Lt. Josh Wolinsky, Lt. Col Emily Mathews, 1st Lt. Raul Ortiz, and Lt. Col. Trevor Stewart. He then invited the Group 7 Safety Officer, Lt. Col. Mario Baldatti to give the safety briefing.

Group 7 Commander, Lt. Col. Manuel Pelati, in his address, reflected on his two months in the position, and thanked members of the Group HQ staff and Unit Commanders for their extraordinary support during this period, and expressed the desire for the relationships to continue into the new fiscal year.

After dinner, Florida Wing Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Lazaro Garcia, delivered the keynote address, in which he reviewed the overall performance of the Wing in the last year and shared some of the Wing’s objectives for the new fiscal year. He emphasized greater participation, at all levels, in the National Commander’s “Five Pillars of Wellness,” STEM programs, recruiting and retention, Cadet Advisory Council membership, Special Activity Selection Boards, and annual National Activities.





Awards Presentations: 

Frank G. Brewer, Sr, CAP Memorial Aerospace (issued by CAP NHQ)


2018 National ACE Collaborator: 


Wright Brothers Milestone


Billy Mitchell Milestone


Commander’s Commendation


2017 FLWG Outstanding Cyber Team


·Achievement Awards


Certificate of Appreciation

Benjamin O. Davis

Paul E. Garber


2018 Group 7 Senior Member of the Year


After the final award, Lt. Rosenfeld called the room to attention for the departure of the official party and declared an end to the formalities with an invitation for attendees to stay and socialize for a while longer.

Before leaving, Mr. Darrell Roberts of SAFEE remarked, “Thank you for recognizing the work done by SAFEE, and I hope that CAP and SAFEE will continue to collaborate in promoting aerospace and STEM programs among the youth in South Florida.”













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