Venice Cadet Squadron's Recruiting Event A Success
By Capt. Madeline Kirsten, Student Leadership Academy Cadet Sq., Group 5, Florida Wing | Publish: 9/6/2018

Photo: Cadets, C/A1C Crites, C/A1C Bartlett, C/A1C Stewart, and C/A1C Dolmanet, man the Civil Air Patrol booth at Student Leadership Academy's annual recruiting event.

Venice, Fla --

The Student Leadership Academy (SLA)Cadet Squadron held their annual Civil Air Patrol recruiting event.  The Civil Air Patrol school squadron set up a booth displaying the exciting events and unique opportunities afforded to members of the school squadron.  On display at the booth were STEM kits, pictures of cadets at Summer Encampment, new cadet guides and Aerospace Education curriculum.  The SLA Civil Air Patrol cadets who represented the school squadron did so with pride and professionalism. Each cadet wore one of Civil Air Patrol’s three distinct uniforms to show the prospective cadets the various uniforms. 

Civil Air Patrol Cadets at Student Leadership Academy meet every day, first period, as part of their middle school class schedule and are permitted to wear their CAP uniforms, instead of the SLA mandatory uniform, every Wednesday, for promotions as well as drill and ceremonies training. “I enjoy being able to participate in activities that the other students do not,” said Cadet A1C Crites. 

The annual event was a success for the squadron, recruiting eight new cadets, one Cadet Sponsor Member, and one (pilot) guest speaker. Deputy Commander, Kirsten- Bouchane, and cadets, C/A1C Crites, C/A1C Bartlett, C/A1C Stewart, and C/A1C Dolmanet volunteered for the recruiting event, demonstrating their commitment to the Civil Air Patrol and its core value of community service. When asked why she volunteered to participate in the recruiting event, C/A1C Stewart said with a smile, “I did it to serve my country.”  Commander Bouchane commented, “These motivated cadets are the heart of our school squadron will surely help mentor and motivate our newly recruited cadets.”

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