Puerto Rico Hosts Cadet Honor Academy for the First Time
By Lt Col Ismael Rodriguez, Muniz ANG Base Cadet Sq. | Publish: 7/25/2018

Photo: Graduation group from SER Cadet Honor Academy in Puerto Rico. (Photo by: C/Lt Col Ian Gonzalez)

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico --

The 2018 Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Honor Academy was hosted by Puerto Rico Wing in Guaynabo, at Liga Atletica Policiaca. Lt Col Ismael Rodriguez, Puerto Rico Wing, directed this year’s school assisted by 3 instructors and seminar leaders.     

Sixteen cadets attended the four-day school held 12-16 July. These cadets attended over 24 curriculum hours from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon and completed a variety of evaluations in honor guard ceremonies and drill movements.      

Because all 16 cadets completed and graduated on Monday, 16 July 2018, the director was pleased with the success of the school    

Lt Col Rodriguez said, “CHA cadets work hard to perfect their ceremonies and understand that they are now part of an elite group called CAP Honor Guard” and “as a member of the PR Air National Guard Base Honor Guard, I am very amazed at their performance,” he added.    

Lt Col Margarita Mesones, Southeast Region Deputy of Cadet Programs led the graduation ceremony by serving as the honored guest speaker.     

PR WG Chief of Staff, Lt Col Aitmalys Perez, said “I would like to thank Guaynabo City and Liga Atletica Policiaca for their great support and commitment to Civil Air Patrol and our youth” as a plaque of appreciation was presented.     

Previous CHA graduates and Middle East Region Honor Guard Academy cadets, with different levels and years of experience as Color and Honor Guard helped make a great staff.   

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