Florida Wing Summer Encampment - Barracks Life
By 2 Lt Donald Biscoe, Treasure Coast Composite Sq. | Publish: 6/27/2018

Photo: Cadets learn to make beds at FLWG Summer Encampment. photo by C/2 Lt. Sherline

Starke, FL --

One of the many challenges a cadet must face when arriving at encampment is barracks life. For most, it is the first time they will share a large living area with many others.

Unlike “dorm” life where you may share a room and bath with one to three people, these are typical military training barracks much like boot camp, where up to 35 cadets share the space. The area is made up of individual single height beds and a large shower and facilities area.

One of the first lessons shared, cadets are instructed how to make their bed to CAP standards. For many cadets this is a very new experience – making their bed every day! Cadets are also instructed in personal hygiene expectations as well care and storage of their equipment, uniforms and gear. Fire drills and other safety events are practiced to ensure cadet safety.

It’s not a five-star accommodation but they have plenty of hot water and it’s safe, dry and air-conditioned. It must be fairly nice as dozens of cadets come back every year. Most cadets confirm encampment is the highlight of their cadet experience.

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