Cool Relief for the Hot Summer
By 2nd Lt Elsie Stimpson, Public Affairs Officer, Boca Raton Composite Sqn. | Publish: 6/17/2018

Photo: Boca Raton Squadron Commander Lt Col Michael T Harding and Mr. Nick Sansone from Sansone Air Conditioning and Capt Richard C Peritz.

BOCA RATON, Fla,. --

Imagine being a cadet during the hot Florida summer months, doing strenuous physical training and then sitting in the heat through lectures on subjects like “Heat Exhaustion”!  This has been the case for the past decade the Boca Raton Composite Squadron. Civil Air Patrol members have been meeting in an unfinished hangar space without air conditioning making conditions brutal in the heat of summer.  

"Inside temperatures would routinely soar over 120 degrees not only making training almost impossible but also damaging sensitive computer and search and rescue equipment," said Lt Col Michael Harding, Squadron Commander. "We only had two floor fans that would simply blow the hot air around, and couldn’t afford to install air conditioning.  We were actually in talks about shutting down our squadron during the summer months due to safety issues with the heat.  This would have left our cadets without a training facility and our community without a mission base during the busy hurricane season."

To great relief, in stepped local business owner, Nick Sansone, from Sansone Air-Conditioning in West Palm Beach who offered to install a brand new 3-ton compressor, air handler, thermostat, and duct work free of charge. Mr. Sansone and his team install the neew equipment in one day, converting the oven to a meat locker!  

"Our unit is now able to function year round in a safe comfortable environment," said Harding. 

On Tuesday June 5 our Civil Air Patrol Boca Raton Composite Squadron honored Mr. Nick Sansone of Sansone Air Conditioning for his generous donation.  

Boca Raton Squadron Commander Lt Col Michael T Harding and Mr. Nick Sansone from Sansone Air Conditioning.

Boca Raton cadets participating in the CAP Cadet Program.

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