SRQ Squadron Hosts Open House to Attract New Members
By C/MSgt Putman, Cadet Public Affairs Officer, SRQ Composite Sqn. | Publish: 5/16/2018

Photo: Cadets Demonstrate Locating an Electronic Location Transmitter.


The Civil Air Patrol SRQ Composite Squadron held an open house and welcomed more than 25 new visitors.Cadet members were on hand to talk with visitors and provide a young adult perspective on the positive effects of the cadet experience and how the cadet program helps grow better citizens.

The cadets escorted the visitors through the displays, answered many questions and made several presentations to the visitors:  Cadet Commander Cadet 1st Lt. Yong spoke about cadet life and the many activities cadets participate in, such as field trips, weekend training activities and orientation aircraft rides. Cadet Cadet Master Sgt. Bowditch discussed aerospace education using the circular wing model airplane, the history, operation, and the construction of the model planes. Cadet Cadet Airman First Class Moore and Cadet Cadet Senior Airman Radcliffe gave a presentation about emergency services and the equipment used to find Emergency Location Transmitters (ELT). An outside demonstration was given by two teams to locate an ELT with a prize given to the winning team. Captain Kozloski, Deputy Commander of Cadets, made a presentation to the parents about the Civil Air Patrol program benefits.

The evening concluded with a promotion ceremony for the cadets providing the visitors insight into another aspect of cadet life.

After the event, Cadet Cadet Senior Airman Nepomuseno stated, “The cadets were able to have fun by participating in activities and trying things they have never done before. The visitors expressed their interest in joining.”

"All in all, the open house was considered a success and was enjoyed by all."

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