Cadet Airman Cenal Recognized For Public Assistance Efforts At Air Fest 2018
By SM Ronald Rowe, Sarasota Composite Squadron | Publish: 5/14/2018

Photo: Cadet Airmen Nadia Cenal

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL -- “I can’t find my mom” said one very distressed young boy to Cadet Airman Nadia Cenal at Air Fest 2018. Cenal’s training and mission briefing kicked in and she escorted the youngster to the Lost and Found Unit operated by The Tampa Police Department and The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. “He was very distressed and upset” stated Cenal. She assured the youngster to not worry and that mom would be there soon. The officers at the Lost and Found Unit entertained the youngster with mom arriving quickly. The mother had spoke to a pilot momentarily when the youngster stepped away. With the large crowd size, he became disoriented and moved further away thinking he was returning to his mother. A spectator pointed out the distressed youngster to Cenal. Later that evening, Cenal was given an award for her efforts by Activity Commander Major Joe Mora. CAP is big in the Cenal family with Cadet Cenal joined by her two sisters, who are triplets and her brother, all members of the MacDill Cadet Squadron. With this many family members in CAP, a special thanks goes out for the parental support in keeping the Cenal Family Mission Base humming smoothly.

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