FLWG Group 7 Hosts Rocketry Day
By Lt Col Trevor H. Stewart, Public Affairs Officer, Group 7 Headquarters | Publish: 2/28/2018

Photo: Cadets building rockets during the 2018 Group 7 Rocketry Day held on February 24, 2018 at Homestead Air Reserve Base.

Homestead, Fla. --

On Saturday, 24 February 2018, over 60 Civil AIr Patrol cadet and senior members from the Miami Senior One, Homestead ARB Cadet, Opa Locka Cadet, Key West Cadet, and Tamiami Composite squadrons gathered at the meeting site of the Homestead Air Reserve Base Cadet Squadron for the 2018 Group 7 Rocketry Day. The Tamiami contingent included C/1st Lt Mathew Conroy, visiting from the 111th Search and Rescue Composite Squadron of the North Carolina Wing.  


Group 7 Aerospace Education Officer, Major Bonnie Hinck-Baldatti, launched the activity by welcoming the participants and leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Major Emilio Martinez of the Tamiami unit then gave the safety briefing and was followed by a short welcome address by the Group 7 Commander, Lt Col Luis Negron.


The cadets, accompanied by their adult aerospace education advisors, then took their assigned seating positions by unit and began the process of building their Redstone, Titan, and Saturn rockets for launch later that afternoon.


After the lunch break, Major Hinck-Baldatti introduced guest presenter, FLWG Director of Aerospace Education, Lt Col Gary Dahlke, who explained Advanced Rocketry Program and emphasized the benefits of cadets completing the Colombia and Challenger phases of the program.   


The group then traveled off-base to the launch site at the Home Air Reserve Park, where with the cooperation of the Homestead Public Rocketry Club, the cadets spent the next three and a half hours launching their rockets.


Members of the Key West Cadet Squadron, who had earlier traveled for three and a half hours to the activity, were very complimentary in their comments on the event with C/Amn Joseph Guertin stating, “We got to launch a lot of rockets today. I found the experience enjoyable and educational.” He was supported by C/CMSgt Harrison Simmons, who added, “This activity was more than worth the long drive from Key West. I learned things about rocketry that I did not how to do before today.”  

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