Cadet Squadron Helps Launch Local Holiday Season
By Capt. Madeline Kirsten-Bouchane, Student Leadership Academy Cadet Squadron | Publish: 12/5/2017

Photo: Members from Student Leadership Academy ride on float they decorated for annual Venice Holiday parade.

VENICE, Fla. --

Cadets from the Student Leadership Academy Cadet Squadron participated in Venice’s 42nd annual Holiday Parade.

Three senior members and 21 Cadets met at the middle school on Venice Island to decorate the float and prepare for the festive parade. The Civil Air Patrol unit is one of two school squadrons located in Southwest Florida. The unit provides the charter school with STEM education and extracurricular activity.

It only took the cadets one hour to adorned the Civil Air Patrol float in gold garland, red and white lights and American flag balloons. Cadets from the CAP squadron were dressed in several different uniforms to represent the multi-faceted elements of a school squadron.

The parade float was pulled by a red Jeep driven by Senior member 2nd Lt. Andre Bouchane. With the float decorated and members in uniform, the team was ready to roll. All that remained was some pre-parade advice from the squadron’s cadet commander, EJ Smallwood; “Just like the Madagascar Penguins, smile and wave boys!”

“The cadets are accustomed to looking straight forward while marching in parades,” said squadron commander, Capt. Madeline Kirsten-Bouchane. “Riding on the float gave a new and improved perspective to parade participation.”

“It was an amazing night,” said Cadet Elizabeth Noland! “Riding on the float was a different perspective; we got to see the kids’ faces light up as we rode by.”

Members of FL-804 prepare for holiday parade.

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