FLWG Group 7 Cadets First In Southeast Region to Particpate In Veterans Day Parade
By Lt. Col. Trevor H. Stewart, Florida Wing Group 7 | Publish: 11/5/2017

Photo: FLWG Grp 7 Cadets from three squadrons participate in Veterans Day Parade

Miami Lakes, Fla -- During the 75th Anniversary of the Cadet Program, Florida Wing Group 7 cadets took time out of their busy schedules to recognize the contribution of our nation's veterans by participating in the Town of Miami Lakes parade, on Sunday, November 5, 2017. Miami-Dade County was some of the hardest hit by the hurricanes that were experienced by Florida. 

The parade commenced at 10:00 AM and proceeded south on NW67th Avenue between the north and south intersections of Bull Run Road. Following the event emcee's announcement about the flight of cadets, when it passed the reviewing stand, there was loud applause from the crowd of enthusiastic spectators.

Proudly representing the Civil Air Patrol was a flight of cadets commanded by Cadet 2nd Lt. Christopher Starnes of the Tamiami Composite Squadron. The flight was comprised of twenty cadets from three FLWG Group 7 squadrons. The squadrons represented were Miami Springs Optimist Cadet Squadron, Opa-Locka Cadet Squadron and the Tamiami Composite Squadron. The cadets were accompanied by five senior members.

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