Civil Air Patrol Cadets Receive Orientation Flight on a KC-135 Refueling Aircraft %>
Nine cadets from the SRQ Composite Squadron had the unique opportunity to fly a refueling mission aboard a KC-135 Aircraft.

Mississippi Wing Cadet Banks Is Chosen to Serve on FEMA Council %>
In the CAP Mississippi Wing, Banks is a member of the Cadet Advisory Council and Wing Honor Society. The YPC new member selection panel was particularly impressed by his dedication to personally change the requirements within his CAP squadron, requir ...

CAP Volunteers Help Expand ADS-B Coverage over Everglades and 10,000 Islands %>
ADS-B is part of FAA NextGen initiative to transform America's ATC System from a radar-based system to a satellite-based one.

STEM Academy Summer Program at Marco Island %>
STEM Academy Summer Program at Marco Island
by Maj. Marian Motyl-Szary
Marco Island CAP squadron supports STEM academy summer camp with tour of facilities and aerospace education presentation.

Tennessee Wing Cadet Makes History %>
Tennessee Wing Cadet Makes History
by Lt. Col. Judy Steele
This year, for the first time in its 61 year history, Hawk Mountain Ranger School has selected a Cadet Commander outside the Pennsylvania border. Cadet Lt. Col.Jonah Torp-Pedersen has been selected to lead the 9 day Ranger School.

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