Charlotte County CAP Members continue Tradition of Distinction %>
Senior members and cadet participate in community outreach events and recognized for achievements in CAP program.

Volunteer Airmen maintain Mission Readiness %>
Volunteer Airmen maintain Mission Readiness
by Lt. Col. Jeff P. Carlson
CAP members from two Group 5 squadrons conduct weekend training exercise. The air crews practiced electronic and visual searches in addition to aerial photography.

SRQ Cadets Gain Insight into Trends of Air Warfare Technology %>
Two-day symposium and technology exposition attracts top Air Force leadership, defense and aerospace professionals and CAP members.

The CERT Program Educates Volunteers About Disaster Preparedness %>
The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness

Marco Island Squadron Members receive State, Region and National CAP Recognition %>
The Marco Island Senior Squadron members were recognized for excellence in duty and contributions to CAP program.

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