Puerto Rico Wing have a new Spaatz recipient
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"Little steps will get you to achieve greatest goals", said Cadet Sanchez.

Let's allow to present the newest Puerto Rico Wing Cadet Spaatz, C/Col Angelymar Sanchez #2223 from the Muñiz Air National Guard Base Cadet Squadron, SER-PR-126.

Cadet Sanchez had make history in her unit to be the first cadet to satisfactorily passed all four events of the test in the first attempt; which is a representation of commitment and long hours of preparation.Cadet Sanchez became the fifth cadet to passed the Spaatz Award Examination after seven years gap of her predecessor C/Col Pamela Blanco Coca; currently Capt in the United States Air Force. An interesting fact in her unit Spaatz history, is that only females cadets had achieved this great milestone in becoming Cadet Colonel.

Cadet Sanchez joined CAP in October 2015 and only in 3 years and 5 months she completed all the CAP achievements.

Her accomplishments in the Civil Air Patrol included:





Leadership Positions

Awards and Recognitions

Aviation Credential

Cadet Angelymar Sanchez is a vivid example of dedication to others and excellence in all we do. Cadet Sanchez is an inspiration to her unit and her long hard hours of dedication for the examination have been paid off.

Congratulations. Job well done.

New Senior Members engaged in the world of Cadet Programs
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Group I (PR-601) recently held a very successful Training Leaders of Cadets Basic (TLC-B) Course.  It was held on March 2nd, 2019 at the Muñiz Air National Guard Base in Carolina, PR; hosted by SER-PR-126. There were a total of 15 students representing six different CAP units.

Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. It is designed to be presented in a seminar format rather than a lecture format, giving students an opportunity to input and offer information on their unit’s best practices.

Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez, PRWG Professional Development Officer (who also served as instructor) thanks to all staff and instructors for a job well done during this weekend, especially to Major Victor Maisonet who was the course director. Lt Col Rafael Martinez (PR094),  Maj Victor Maisonet (PR126), 2d Lt Maranjely Mercado (PR094), 2d Lt Rolando Adorno (PR094) and TSgt Roberto Martinez (PR094) assisted with instruction.

Students were:  Col Herman Liboy, Lt Col Juan Rodriguez, Lt Col Anibal Cruz, Lt Col Eveneida Rodriguez, Lt Col Erick Herrera, Lt Col Rafael Sanchez, Maj Alberto Quiñones, Maj Jose Guadarrama, Maj Linette Lugo, 1st Lt Sonia Memdez, 1st Lt Thais Hernandez, 2d Lt Elena Alfaro, 2d Lt John Fernandez and 2d Lt Jose Alvarado.

Lt Col Ismael J. Rodriguez stressed that a strong and successful cadet program is determined by you as an individual Senior Member and you commitment to continue your training and learning process within the Cadet Program Specialty Track.   The program was concluded when students turned in their evaluation forms, all indicating very positive results with no negative comments.

Major Victor Maisonet, made closing remarks and presented each student with their certificate of completion and participation letter.

Squadron Leadership School held at PRWG
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The weekend from 23 to 24 February; eleven senior members from the Puerto Rico Wing challenge themselves and completed satisfactorily the Squadron Leadership School (SLS); one of the first face to face trainings for our members in the Professional Development Program.

Members from five different units received instructions from a group of great instructors teaching such topics as organization and progression of the CAP, customs, core values and communications; while they work as group and participated in case studies and group discussion that are integral facets of the SLS.

Thanks to Maj Miguel Vazquez, Capt Miguel Rivera, Lt Col Juan Orta, Capt Ernesto Arroyo, Maj Eduardo Rodriguez and 1st Lt Freddy Del Toro (Director) to serve as instructors for the course and take from your time to shape our new members.

Squadron Leadership School (SLS) provides CAP's adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP's national missions.

Congratulations to all for this achievement.

Southeast Region Cadet Advisory Council Holds Weekend Retreat
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Cadets from every wing in the Southeast Region attended a weekend face-to-face Cadet Advisory Council retreat Feb. 22-24 at Georgia Wing Headquarters, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, in Marietta, Georgia.

The cadets, joined by Region Commander Col. Barry Melton and Region Deputy Chief of Staff for Cadet Programs Lt. Col. Jeff Garrett. discussed new ideas, ideas in progress and other items of interest to the national organization.

It was the first time Southeast Region had brought the entire CAC together for a dedicated weekend meeting of this nature and the results were beyond outstanding, Melton said.

The nine cadets developed their own weekend schedule, set their own internal benchmarks and goals, worked long hours without complaints, and developed a total of nine proposals to present within their wings or at a national level, Melton said.

The meeting's capstone was a video conference call with the Southeast Region's wing commanders or their designee, with Georgia Wing Commander Col. Andrea Van Buren attending in person.

Melton said the entire Southeast Region Leadership team was extremely pleased with what these cadets had developed and presented in such a short time without any direct involvement from senior members, further demonstrating exactly what our cadets can accomplish given the opportunity to lead and perform on their own.

Cadet Lt. Col. Conrad Awve, chair of the Southeast Region CAC, said he was pleased at how the group came together in such a short time and created this level of quality work and the constant level of professionalism they demonstrated.

Awve said the Region CAC will continue to address these proposals and look for new challenges to accept as they continue their term.

Cadets at the retreat were:

-- C/Lt. Col. Conrad Awve, Chair

-- C/Capt. Edgar Cancel, Vice Chair

-- C/Capt. Chambers Bethea, Recorder

-- C/Col. Charles Read, Florida Wing

-- C/Lt. Col .Jennifer Torres, Puerto Rico Wing

-- C/Capt. Joseph Crum, Mississippi Wing

-- C/1st Lt. Carey Calloway, Tennessee Wing

-- C/2nd Lt. Jack Lockett, Georgia Wing

-- C/CMSgt. Ashley Wolfe, Alabama Wing

Civil Air Patrol Cadets Ride in C-17 Globemaster
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The 315th Air Wing out of Charleston, South Carolina invited members from the Tallahassee Composite Squadron and the Marianna Composite Squadron to participate in an orientation flight on a U.S.A.F Boeing C-17 Globemaster during a planned training exercise in February.

Cadets from both Tallahassee and Marianna arrived to the Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) eagerly anticipating their ride in one of the biggest aircraft in the U.S.A.F. fleet, and they weren’t disappointed.

Captain Ken Jacobs, Commander of the Tallahassee Composite Squadron, and Major Bruce Adams of the Marianna Composite Squadron, led 28 cadets and senior members went through numerous safety briefings before the flight and then boarded the massive aircraft for a scenic tour down the west Florida coast.

Capt. Jacobs said, “This is a massive aircraft and when we parked our Cessna 172 in front of this huge plane for photographs, it looked like a dwarf in comparison.”

The Globemaster has a maximum gross weight of 580,500 lbs. and is capable of flying nearly anywhere in the world, and this particular aircraft has. Normally it operates with a crew of three but for this special mission the crew totaled six members.

During the flight, each Civil Air Patrol member was allowed to ascend a set of steep stairs to the upper deck to the cockpit of this remarkable aircraft. Upon completing the one-hour flight, cadets and senior members were able to tour a special exhibition of a vintage P-51 Mustang from the Tuskegee Air Force which was also visiting Tallahassee. While at the exhibit, cadets from both squadrons were asked to give a briefing to the crowd assembled to see this acclaimed World War II aircraft.

According to Maj. Adams, “I don’t think we’re going to be able to wipe the smiles off the faces of our cadets. And that’s why we love being in the Civil Air Patrol.”



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