Chief of Staff of the Air Force greets cadets in Puerto Rico Wing during short visit
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CAROLINA, PR - Cadets from the Muñiz ANG Base Cadet Squadron, PR-126, had a blast staring with uniform inspection, safety briefing, character development class, testing and promotions.

Additional to that the cadets that will participate in the PRWG Science Fair did the final touches on their project to be presented in December at the Wing Conference.

Moreover, the cadets had the opportunity to meet and greet the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General David Goldfein, and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Kaleth O. Wright. Both spent time with the cadets and talked to them about the importance of Civil Air Patrol to the Air Force. At the end the cadets ask questions to the VIP's.

C/Lt Col Angelymar Sanchez had the opportunity to be presented with her Solo Wing by the General Goldfein. Cadet Sanchez was introduced to General Goldfein as the first CAP cadet to be recipient of the CAP Continental Motor Group Scholarship; granted $12,000 to pursue her Private Pilot License.

Cadet Sanchez share with General Goldfein about her experience by recently completing her solo flight after 21 hours of flight lessons. General Goldfein congratulated her and the unit for the great accomplishment and recognize Civil Air Patrol as a key organization of the Total Air Force.

Charlotte County Composite Squadron Volunteers at the Florida International Air Show
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The Charlotte County Composite Squadron worked as volunteers for the 16th year at the Florida International Air Show held at the Punta Gorda Airport over the weekend of Oct. 19.

Twenty-three senior members and 14 cadets from the squadron manned five posts in support of the event to assure guest safety and visitor relations. They served over 300 volunteer hours during the weekend with 2nd Lt. Robert Sohl as the coordinator for the Charlotte County Composite Squadron.

One of the tasks the squadron cadets performed each day was to help retrieve and fold the American flag once the SOCOM Para-Commandos landed on the field during opening ceremonies. Each of the cadets received a commemorative coin from the SOCOM team for their assistance. 

The Charlotte County Composite Squadron expects to return to the event in 2019 when the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are scheduled to perform. 

KFHB New Terminal Dedication
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Fernandina Beach Senior Squadron and Gainesville Composite Squadron members helped make the dedication ceremony for the newly constructed general aviation terminal building at Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport, KFHB, a resounding success.  

The terminal design, which suggests the Navy’s F4U Corsair aircraft pays tribute to the airport’s history dating back to World War II, when it was built and used as a Navy training facility for Corsair pilots. The ceremony was held on October 13, the U.S. Navy’s 243rd Birthday. The citizen design committee selected the building design as a way to honor the city’s past and its Navy connection and to make the airport stand out among other regional general aviation airports.  CAP members were part of the selection committee and continue to serve on the local Airport Advisory Commission as well as other local aviation community organizations that support the airport. 

Fernandina Beach Senior Squadron Captains Brad Mizeras, Brian Tourkin, Chuck Colcord and SM’s DJ Watson and Greg Bertsch helped with attendee car parking, gave public tours of the terminal and were present on the ramp with the CAP static display aircraft.  There were many question asked and answered about Civil Air Patrol, lots of interest generated, which already resulted in one person planning to join CAP.  Naval Air Station Jacksonville contributed to the event with Naval Air Station Commanding Officer Captain Michael Connor as the keynote speaker, Navy Band Southeast for ceremony music, and provided a P-3 Orion Flyby and a MH-60R Seahawk helicopter from the Jaguars of HSM-60 as a static display.


Florida Wing Group 7 Awards Banquet
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On Saturday, Oct. 6. Florida Wing’s Group 7 held its 2018 Awards Banquet at the historic 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, in the environs of the Miami International Airport, with 90 Civil Air Patrol seniors, cadets and guests in attendance.

Master of Ceremonies, 1st Lt. Jay Rosenfeld, Florida Wing Director of Communications, called the room to attention, announced the arrival of the official party, and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Following this, Group 7 Chaplain, Lt. Col. Joseph Moldon delivered the Invocation, after which the Tamiami Honor Guard paid tribute to the U.S. military by performing the POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremony.

In his opening remarks, Lt. Rosenfeld welcomed all attendees and recognized those individuals who had been CAP members for more than 20 years, including Lt. Col. M J Horowitz (46 years), Lt. Col. David Horowitz (41 Years), 1st Lt. Josh Wolinsky, Lt. Col Emily Mathews, 1st Lt. Raul Ortiz, and Lt. Col. Trevor Stewart. He then invited the Group 7 Safety Officer, Lt. Col. Mario Baldatti to give the safety briefing.

Group 7 Commander, Lt. Col. Manuel Pelati, in his address, reflected on his two months in the position, and thanked members of the Group HQ staff and Unit Commanders for their extraordinary support during this period, and expressed the desire for the relationships to continue into the new fiscal year.

After dinner, Florida Wing Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Lazaro Garcia, delivered the keynote address, in which he reviewed the overall performance of the Wing in the last year and shared some of the Wing’s objectives for the new fiscal year. He emphasized greater participation, at all levels, in the National Commander’s “Five Pillars of Wellness,” STEM programs, recruiting and retention, Cadet Advisory Council membership, Special Activity Selection Boards, and annual National Activities.





Awards Presentations: 

Frank G. Brewer, Sr, CAP Memorial Aerospace (issued by CAP NHQ)


2018 National ACE Collaborator: 


Wright Brothers Milestone


Billy Mitchell Milestone


Commander’s Commendation


2017 FLWG Outstanding Cyber Team


·Achievement Awards


Certificate of Appreciation

Benjamin O. Davis

Paul E. Garber


2018 Group 7 Senior Member of the Year


After the final award, Lt. Rosenfeld called the room to attention for the departure of the official party and declared an end to the formalities with an invitation for attendees to stay and socialize for a while longer.

Before leaving, Mr. Darrell Roberts of SAFEE remarked, “Thank you for recognizing the work done by SAFEE, and I hope that CAP and SAFEE will continue to collaborate in promoting aerospace and STEM programs among the youth in South Florida.”













FLWG Group 7 participates in 2018 Meals with Memories for Veterans
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On Saturday, 20 October 2018, Civil Air Patrol members in Miami Senior One and Opa Locka Cadet Squadrons, and staff members from Group 7 and Florida Wing Headquarters joined the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and other community organizations in honoring more than 2,000 individuals at the 2018 Meals with Memories Luncheon for U.S. military veterans at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Miami in Opa Locka.

In support of the event, CAP hosted a recruiting booth and provided a static aircraft display and a radio-communications trailer. Apart from veterans and their families, attendees included active and former members of all branches of the US military, other uniformed groups, exhibitors, and official representatives of federal, state, county, and municipal governments.

Among the attendees who visited the CAP recruiting booth was Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, US Representative for the Florida 25th Congressional District, who before leaving, thanked members for their voluntary service.

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