Naples Squadron Conduct First Leadership Camp
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In a first for Naples Cadet Squadron, a leadership camp was held at the Naples Civil Air Patrol hangar. The brainchild of C/Capt Kyler McCown and C/SSgt David Kaufmann, they conceived and implemented the multi-level training.

This year Naples squadron is very young where 21 of 34 cadets rank C/A1C or under. “I looked around and realized that we need to accomplish some serious training to advance these cadets” said McCown. Seventeen Naples Cadets participated in the weekend event.

Six cadets conducted the program and eleven cadets joined in the training. C/Maj Hockel commanded the cadets and C/Capt McCown developed and provided oversight for the classes. Naples Flight Commanders C/MSgt Stephen Havens, C/MSgt Connor McIntyre, C/SSgt Collin Duke, and C/SSgt Sean Phillips and assisted by C/SSgt GianCarlo Roggiero led most of the hands-on training.

The schedule included various activities and lectures using self-made power point presentations, CAP resources, videos, physical demonstrations and practical drills.

The leadership camp started with a lecture on Leadership and continued with an overview of Character, the Chain of Command and the Order of Authority to round out his contribution. All the cadets then practiced reporting-in to reinforce discipline when standing at the Cadet Commander’s office, Special Boards or a CAP function.

The three types of commands were explained and demonstrated along with the command voice demonstrated loudness, projection, distinctiveness and snap so that subordinates understand what is required. The class was given time to practice on one another with some added fun. The class also practiced rest positions of; attention, parade rest, at ease and fall out supervised by the flight sergeants. He continued with the hand salute and the different situations when to use it indoors or outdoors, in group or formation, or between military and in public. He finished up with arms, order arms, and eyes left and right.

The second day kicked off with breakfast. It was a full-day schedule for all cadets to meet qualifications for their next promotion. Most of the participants were very close to advancement and the camp will be help meet the remaining requirements. The cadet officers would lead most of the training assisted by the flight commanders.

A discussion was held on wearing the uniform with a slide deck used as a visual aid. The topics included Class B’s and the proper position of the various plates and insignia on the Air Force blue shirt along with proper grooming standards and footwear. BDU’s were next with a review of the uniform and all aspects from cover to boots.

The cadets were dismissed and formed up in the hangar for Drill Test. The team was led through their practice, executing the various moves and positions to hone their skills. The day was not all drill and classes: after drill the cadets broke up for fun and games like capture the flag. Hungry cadets then fell out for lunch to refuel and relax before resuming afternoon tests.

Hockel said “I am pleased with the results and subsequent advancement of all the Cadets during this Leadership Camp.” All cadets completed mandatory testing to assure their next promotion.

Venice Cadet Squadron participates at Memorial Day Ceremony
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Members of Civil Air Patrol's Venice Cadet Squadron once again supported the Venice Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8118 Memorial Day ceremony at Patriots Park, on 29 May 2017. The Squadron’s newly formed Color Guard proudly marked its’ initial public engagement when it joined the VFW Honor Guard in the event’s opening ceremony. The Squadron also set up a coffee and donut station for the numerous ceremony participants and distributed flags and water to the many members of the community who attended the ceremony.

“We’re excited to finally show the Venice Community our Color Guard,” said Cadet Master Sergeant Michael Schultz, Venice Cadet Squadron Cadet Commander and Color Guard organizer. “I was excited to display the Civil Air Patrol Flag during the ceremony,” added Cadet Technical Sergeant Anya Kratz, a member of the Color Guard team.

Other cadets were equally gratified to be part of the VFW ceremony as they kept the attendees hydrated during the ceremony. “The VFW can always count on us,” responded C/A1C Giovanni Salvador, when asked about CAP’s participation in the ceremony. 

This year marks the 3rd year of the Venice Cadet Squadron’s partnership with the Venice Veterans of Foreign War organization, thanks to the ongoing communications efforts of Major Ted Dodds who serves as the squadron's liaison with the local VFW chapter.

Cadet 1st Lt. Jesse Yong Accepts Command of SRQ Composite Squadron Cadets
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Cadets, parents, guests and senior members attended the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) SRQ Composite Squadron's Cadet Change of Command Ceremony on Monday, 29 May 2017, at The Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota County.

SRQ Composite Squadron Deputy Commander/Cadets Capt. Ann Marie Kozloski said, “Even though the Change of Command Ceremony is very short, it is a time-honored tradition in the military.” Kozloski honored outgoing commander Cadet Capt. Austin Vore with a plaque and praise for his work over the past year.

In his remarks, Vore reviewed the activities of the squadron during his year as cadet commander and said, "It's been an honor to serve and I hope my leadership has prepared Lt. Yong for his year as commander."

Cadet 1st Lt. Jesse Yong, active in Civil Air Patrol for four years and a member of the winning team of Florida Wing’s Ultimate Cadet Challenge competition, will be a senior at Sarasota Military Academy in the fall. He plans to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States Air Force ROTC program.

Yong said, "When I joined Civil Air Patrol I was definitely a follower, but my membership in CAP has helped build my self-confidence to allow me to be successful in this leadership role." Yong said he most enjoys the activities that CAP offers, meeting new people, and being able to interact with others who share his interests.

CAP’s cadet program introduces young people, from ages 12 through 21, to aviation. Cadets progress at their own pace through a 16-step program including aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership. Cadets compete for academic scholarships to further their studies in fields such as engineering, science, aircraft mechanics, aerospace medicine, meteorology, and many others. Those cadets who earn cadet officer status may enter the Air Force as an E3 (airman first class) rather than an E1 (airman basic).

Based at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport, the SRQ Composite Squadron is one of more than 1,700 Civil Air Patrol squadrons across the nation. The SRQ Composite Squadron includes 99 members: 58 senior members and 41 cadets. Members put general aviation to its best use, dedicated to saving lives, flying counter-drug missions, participating in homeland security efforts, providing disaster relief, advancing young people, and supporting America’s educators. For information about the SRQ Composite Squadron of CAP, visit

Tennessee Wing Cadet Makes History
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Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Torp-Pedersen, of the Murfreesboro Composite Squadron, is turning heads for his service in the Civil Air Patrol. Civil Air Patrol members from across the nation gather each year in Kempton, Pennsylvania at Hawk Mountain Ranger School for 9 days of rigorous training unlike any other. 

Hawk Mountain Ranger School has been conducting training for over 61 years and is the only ranger school offered to both adults and cadets in the nation. Members learn medical skills, survival skills, search and rescue techniques, disaster relief training, land & air navigation and more!

Cadet Lt. Col. Torp-Pedersen is among one of these members. Torp-Pedersen attended the Ranger School for the first time in 2014, testing out of basic & advanced training, moving into the team leadership course, one of the hardest courses Hawk Mountain has to offer. Since then, he has served in various staff positions.

This year, for the first time in its 61 year history, Hawk Mountain Ranger School has selected a Cadet Commander outside the Pennsylvania border. Cadet Lt. Col.Torp-Pedersen has been selected to lead the 9 day Ranger School.

"For the past 60 years, it has been tradition for a Pennsylvania Wing Cadet to receive this position. I was extremely honored to be selected this year as the School Commander and I can't wait to work with my staff," said Torp-Pedersen.

Along with the Ranger School, Torp-Pedersen will also be serving as the Cadet Commander for the Tennessee Wing Encampment. He will be leading around 100 cadets through a week long training school at Middle Tennessee State University.

Governor Rick Scott Signs SB 370, Civil Air Patrol Leave Act
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Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, is a nonprofit organization with 58,000 members nationwide and over 3,000 members in Florida Wing. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) volunteers perform inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. They also perform homeland security, disaster relief, and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state, and local agencies. 

In 2016, one of the many missions in which Florida Wing’s unpaid professionals participated was during Hurricane Matthew. Civil Air Patrol members served in several capacities before, during, and after the hurricane, including flying numerous sorties for over a week after the storm to take aerial photographs of storm damaged areas along the Florida coastline for various agencies.

In order to work disaster and emergency services (ES) missions and to acquire the necessary training to serve on ES teams, Civil Air Patrol members sometimes have to take time from their paid jobs. 

The Civil Air Patrol Leave Act provides certain employment protections for members of the Florida Wing of the Civil Air Patrol who are absent from their place of employment due to service or training with the Civil Air Patrol. 

“I chose to sponsor this legislation after learning that members of Florida’s CAP risk losing their jobs and benefits when they participate in volunteer missions and training,” said Senator Stargel. “This bill will provide protection for the Senior Members of the Florida CAP, ensuring that they are able to assist the state in times of need.”

Representative Neil Combee (R-Auburndale), the bill’s sponsor in the House, praised its passing. “Members of the Florida CAP graciously take leaves of absence from their paying jobs to serve the citizens of our state,” he added, “the least we can do in return is to guarantee that they have a job and accrued benefits to return to when their missions are complete.”

Last week, Governor Rick Scott signed the bill which had passed both the Florida House and Senate unanimously. The Act states that an important state interest is fulfilled by allowing Senior Members of the Florida Wing of Civil Air Patrol to take authorized Civil Air Patrol leave.

“I am pleased that Governor Scott signed SB 370 which provides employment protections for members of the Florida Wing (FLWG) of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) who are absent from their employment due to their service or training with the CAP,” said Senator Dorothy L. Hukill. “I am proud to have cosponsored this great bill to show our support and appreciation to all the members of the Florida Wing of the CAP who volunteer their time and skills to ensure Florida’s families are safe.”

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