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Photo:  FL423 'Eagles' Senior Members and Cadets visit the Naval Aviation Museum

EGLIN AFB, FL – APRIL 2014 - Members of the CAP Eglin Composite Squadron “Eagles” got the unique  opportunity to see the U.S. Navy Blue Angels’ first flight in a year.  Along with World War II veterans, foreign military members, and over five thousand spectators, cadets and senior members witnessed the death-defying tricks and aerobatics in near front row seats.  The Blue Angels fly six Boeing F/A-18s and painted a world renowned blue and yellow. The Blue Angels also fly a Lockheed Martin C-130, affectionately named “Fat Albert”.  There are six pilots for the F/A-18s who are led by the flight Commander, CDR Thomas Frosch.  The pilots who fly “Fat Albert” are actually U.S. Marine Corps pilots.  Before the Blue Angels can ever go to the air, they rely on over 100 support staff and leaders.  Before the Eglin Eagles watched the Blue Angels they got a guided tour of the Pensacola Naval Air Museum from a seasoned Naval Aviator. Some of the sights the cadets were able to see include the Curtiss NC-4, the first airplane to cross the Atlantic, a Mercury space capsule, and many others. Cadets and senior Members alike enjoyed the trip and what they saw and many would love to go back again.

    The Eglin Composite Squadron is located on Eglin AFB, FL.  The squadron has 92 members of which 32 are cadets and 60 are senior member adult volunteers. The squadron is involved in the community through our Cadet Programs, supports local schools through Aerospace Education and provides Emergency Services during disasters, to include search and rescue. It also supports Jackson Guard and the Eglin Range by flying fire patrols over 728 square miles.  Like us on our Facebook page - Eglin Composite Squadron.

Byline from FL423 C/CMSgt Anthony Zuniga, Assistant Public Affairs

FLWG Cadets Meet Top Aviation Innovators
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Starting at upper left;  Capt King and Cadets (left to right), C/Lt Col Lee, C/2d Lt Harbridge, C/Lt Col King, C/Col Lampasona, and C/Lt Col Harris pose with Dick Cole, 
Buzz Aldrin (bottom left), Dick Rutan (top right), Florence Mascot (middle right), and Bud Anderson (bottom right). 


Lakeland, Fla, April 2-During the week of the 2nd largest airshow in the United States, Sun N Fun, a dinner was held to honor ten of aviation’s most significant living contributors to aviation. The event ‘Dinner with Legends’ would be a fundraiser for the new Aerospace Center of Excellence in the area and allowed the opportunity for two hundred aviation enthusiasts to share an evening with the dignitaries. 

As this was a fundraiser, dinner tickets were a premium, starting at $525 each. Thanks to Greg Gibson, Sun N’ Fun’s Director of Business Development, and local business sponsors, five Florida Wing Cadet Officers got the opportunity to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event to represent CAP: C/Lt Col Jeremy King, C/Lt Col Miriam Elena Lee, C/Col Alec Lampasona, C/2d Lt Hannah Harbridge, and C/Lt Col Jordan Harris, as well as Senior Member, Capt Patricia King.   

A few of the Cadets and Capt King share their experience below, meeting aviation greats Dick Cole, co-pilot of Col Jimmy Doolittle on the B-25 at the time of the WW2 raid over Tokyo; Col Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Apollo 11 lunar module pilot and the second man to walk on the Moon; Dick Rutan, aircraft designer and pilot of the 1986 non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in  the Voyager aircraft; Col Bud Anderson, P-51 Triple fighter Ace in World War 2;  Col Charles McGee, WW2 P-51 pilot and one of the Tuskegee Airman; and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) Barry Smith, Penny Halberg, Shirley Kruse, “Bee” Haydu, Kay Hilbrandt, Florence Mascot, and Nell Stevenson.

C/Lt Col Jeremy King: It was an honor just to be in the same room with these great aviation and aerospace legends, and to hear them share their stories. At the same time, I was amazed at how interested many of them were in us.  Buzz Aldrin asked us about our interest in aviation and asked us if we were in flight training yet.  We were privileged to spend time talking with Col Dick Cole about his experience as a Doolittle Raider.  Everyone seemed to appreciate that we were in Civil Air Patrol and many shared their CAP experiences with us.  One of the Legends, Florence Mascot, said the only reason she was able to become a WASP was because of flying with CAP. 

C/Lt Col Miriam Elena Lee: What a great experience and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity attending Dinner with Legends. I was beyond excited when I was invited to attend the event knowing I would meet some, not only famous, but the best and greatest aviators.  While all the conversations with the legends were very interesting and informative, the most memorable was the conversation I had with Dick Rutan.  Mr Rutan piloted the Voyager aircraft around the world in 1986.  One of my fellow Cadets asked what it was like being in an aircraft for so long, Mr Rutan smiled and mentioned it was uncomfortable but bearable (barely).  After some time talking, he let all of us Cadets know that we are the future of aviation and to stick with flying and aerospace education. I will remember his words of encouragement forever.

C/2d Lt Hannah Harbridge: One of the people I enjoyed speaking with was Mr. James C Ray who has been responsible for major scholarships and contributions for youth aviation education and college student s in the Central Florida area.  He is 91 years old, funny and was interested in hearing about our aviation plans.

Capt Patricia King: I realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was exciting for me just to watch the Cadets interact with these remarkable aviation legends.  I saw generations of aviation history past connect with the future generation of aviation history.  The cadets represented CAP with professionalism and confident respect, and, as a result, many people were interested in learning more about CAP.  We are very grateful to Greg, and to Mr. John Leenhouts, Sun N’ Fun President and CEO,   for the incredible opportunity to spend an evening with living legends of aviation history.  It was an experience we will long remember.


CAP Assists at MacDill Airfest 2014 Air Show
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Clockwise from top: group photo of the nearly 140 CAP personnel in attendance at MacDill Airfest 2014; team sports during off-duty hours; a “selfie’ of Thunderbird pilot #3 Caroline Jenson and C/2dLt Jennifer Griffin; MacDill 6th Air Mobility Wing Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt Thomas Mazzone, address the cadets for a ‘job well done’.   

Tampa, Florida - During the weekend of March 21-23, the skies of Tampa Bay shook with the sound of the most prestigious aircraft of our nation's armed forces. Tampa Bay Airfest, the current name chosen to forge closer ties with the community, canceled last year due to sequestration, returned to MacDill AFB for 2014. Nineteen separate performances, both individuals and teams, were on the program with several air demonstration teams flying vintage T-6 Texans, aerobatic pilots performing maneuvers pushing aircraft to the limit, the US Special Operations parajumpers, 6th Air Mobility Wing flyovers, and the USAF Thunderbirds. During the three day event, nearly 140 CAP cadets and seniors, from 24 squadrons in the Florida Wing, attended Airfest to assist the US Air force. Civil Air Patrol worked along with active-duty US Air Force personnel to ensure the airshow was a success. 
          Civil Air Patrol cadets had many duties. They assisted Air Force personnel in providing information to the public about the displayed aircraft, staffed the CAP recruiting booth, and had the opportunity to tour aircraft during breaks. Cadets camped at MacDill throughout the event, and during off hours when not working at the flightline, cadets participated in team activities like tug of wars, crossing an obstacle course, and performed CAP oriented skits for their peers and adult staff.               
          Many of the cadets toured a B-52 Stratofortress, a C-17 Globemaster, a C-5 Galaxy, and numerous other aircraft. The cadets also had a chance to talk with Air Force personnel and learn about their duties and the military. 
          “[Airfest 2014 was] outstanding,” said Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Elena Lee,the Cadet Commander for Airfest. “The cadets who attended not only learned much about aviation from guarding the aircraft, but also discovered how the Air Force works when they’re not in the air.” MacDill Airfest 2014 was a great success and all cadets had an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 
           Clear skies prevailed throughout the weekend allowing for flawless flying from the many aero performers and USAF Thunderbirdsto entertain the nearly 120,000 spectators that were in attendance. MacDill Airfest occurs on an 18 month schedule. For videos and photos from MacDill Airfest 2014, go to :

Macdill Airfest PA staff: Capt Ernest Lee, C/ 1stLt Viviana Angelini,  C/2dLt Jennifer Griffin, C/2dLt Hanna Harbridge, C/2dLt Maxwell Frost, C/CMSgt Ryan Mock.   

New CAPR 60-1 issued
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Florida Wing Members,

A new CAPR 60-1 has been issued by NHQ effective 9 April 2014.  The new regulation has been posted on the following link below. 
CAPR 60-1, 9 Apr 14, CAP Flight Management, is posted on the publications page at:

Teams from Tennessee and Florida Earn Top Honors
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MAXWELL AFB, Ala., - The Southeast Region Cadet Competition features Civil Air Patrol cadet color guard teams and cadet drill teams who compete to represent the Southeast Region at the National Cadet Competition. This year’s region event, held at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, included teams from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The Cadet Competition consists of two separate competitive events: the Drill Team Competition and the Color Guard Competition. Each of these competitions consist of several events, from military drill performances, to athletic challenges, to academic evaluation. These sub-events include; Standard Drill, Innovative Drill, In-ranks Inspection, Written Exam, Volleyball, Mile Run, and Panel Quiz.

In the Drill Team Competition, the team representing Tennessee Wing took first place by placing first in six out of seven events. The team from Florida Wing placed second. Abby Dickerson, from Tennessee, and Iriolexis Encalada, from Florida, tied for the highest written exam score. Tennessee cadets, Barak Roberts and Abby Dickerson, won individual “Fleetfoot” awards for best times in the Cadet’s Mile Run.

In the Color Guard Competition, the team representing Florida Wing took first by placing first in six out of seven events. 2nd place – Mississippi; 3rd place – Tennessee; 4th place - Alabama. Grace Regittko (FLWG) had the highest written exam score. David Webster (MSWG) and Kaylie Niehaus (TNWG) won individual “Fleetfoot” awards for best times in the Cadet’s Mile Run.

2014 SER Color Guard Final Scoring

2014 SER Drill Team Final Scoring

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