C/Col Joshua Lewis receives Spaatz Award at Group 3 Annual Awards Banquet
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Photo:  Spaatz recipient C/Col Lewis, Maj Gen Schoeppner, with proud parents Mike and Laura Lewis

C/Col Joshua Lewis receives  Spaatz Award at Group 3 Annual Awards Banquet

Dateline:   October 18, 2014, Clearwater, FL

By:    Joyce Nader, Lt Col, PAO, Legal Officer, FL 182, and

         Adam Borgman, 2d Lt, PAO, FL 447


Florida Wing Group 3 seniors and cadets meet in Clearwater, FL, on October 11, 2014, for their annual banquet.  Among the members in attendance, Maj Steve Lampasona, Group 3 Commander, also welcomed Maj Gen John Schoeppner, USAF (Ret), Col Michael Murrell, CAP National Headquarters, and Capt. Hayden Collins, CAP, Georgia Wing.

During the banquet, the Group recognized many annual award winners, including the Civil Air Patrol's most distinguished  cadet award, the General  Carl A. Spaatz Award, presented to C/Col Joshua Lewis,  FL 447, and the most distinguished senior award, the Level V Gill Robb Wilson Award, given to Maj Jennifer Richards, Florida Wing  staff member.

C/Col Joshua Lewis was presented with the Spaatz Award, the highest and most prestigious honor issued by Civil Air Patrol to a cadet for demonstrating outstanding achievement in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education.  This award was presented by the distinguished Maj Gen John Schoeppner, USAF (Ret), who was introduced to the audience by Lt Col Larry Fernald, FL 182.

C/Col Lewis was accompanied by his parents to the Awards Banquet, where he received this high honor. Also present to give him the Spaatz award was his Unit Commander, Maj Yvonne Rodriquez, FL 447, who distinguished herself by being named Senior Member of the Year, 2013, at the same banquet.  

Graciously accepting the Spaatz award from Maj Gen Schoeppner, in front of his proud parents, his unit  commander, and the other admiring cadets and seniors in the audience, C/Col Lewis spoke about the qualities necessary to succeed in not only CAP, but in school, work, and in life.

The Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Group 3 banquet was C/Col Alec Lampasona, a Spaatz award recipient in 2012.  With his admiring parents looking on, C/Col Lampasona officiated with distinction, warmth, and a lot of humor.  Maj Steve Lampasona was seated at the head table, while Maj Joyce Lampasona , Commander of  Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron, one of the Quality Cadet Unit Award winners,  was seated in the audience, both happily watching their son as the perfect MC for the night.

The keynote address was given by Capt Hayden Collins from the Georgia Wing. He met C/Col Lampasona when young Lampasona attended Collins’ Region Cadet Leadership School. Capt Collins made such an impression with his inspiring message, that he was invited to address the Group 3 banquet cadets and seniors.

In an interview conducted before the banquet, Capt Collins stated, “the leadership of this nation is comprised of the 1 percent. CAP cadets are training to be the next new leaders.” During his address, he echoed those remarks, stating to the cadets in the audience, “You are training to be this nation’s new leaders, the 1 percent. But we need more than one percent to succeed.  Your mission is to make it 2 percent.”  He went on to implore that “one man, one decision can change the course of the country, and make a positive impact.”  Capt Collins concluded by calling upon the audience, the cadets and seniors, to “lead with boldness.”

Other highlights of the banquet were the Presentation of Colors by Clearwater Composite Color Guard; Honor Guard Rifle Performance by Wesley Chapel Honor Guard;  and  POW-MIA Table by North Tampa-Lutz Honor Guard.

The Group 3 Awards were presented by the Group 3 Commander, Maj Lampasona, as assisted by Capt Trisha King, Group 3 Cadet Programs Officer, along with Maj Jim Peto, Group 3 Deputy Commander. The Wing, Region, and National Awards were presented by Col Michael Murrell, CAP National Headquaters.

Along with the many distinguished Cadet, Senior, and Unit awards presented throughout the evening, another high honor was given to Maj Jennifer Richards, who received the highest award presented to a senior member. Maj Richards, who completed Level V, was awarded with the Wilson award.  Maj Richards has distinguished herself in her CAP activities over the years, serving in many different roles. She is now serving as the Florida Wing historian.

  The evening concluded with an After Banquet Dance for the cadets and seniors alike.

The list of award winners for Group 3, prepared by Capt Trisha King,  Cadet Programs Officer, Group 3,  for 2013 (there was no awards banquet) and for 2014 are as follows:                                                 

 Group 3 Banquet Awards 2014

General Carl A. Spaatz Award: C/Col Joshua Lewis Clearwater Composite Squadron FL 447

Amelia Earhart Award: C/Capt Viviana Angelini Clearwater Composite Squadron FL 447

Gill Robb Wilson Award: Maj Jennifer Richards, Florida Wing Staff

Senior Member of the Year:  Capt Samuel Chiodo Hillsborough One Senior Squadron FL 310

Cadets of the Year:

Phase I: C/SrA Aydan Hanthorn FL 301 Hernando County Composite

Phase II: C/SMSgt Samuel Collins FL 243 North Tampa Lutz Cadet

Phase III: C/1st Lt Gretchen Sandorf FL 447 Clearwater Composite

Phase IV: C/Capt Kyle Curabba FL 458 Wesley Chapel Cadet

Commander’s Commendations:

                C/Lt Col Jeremy King, C/2d Lt Hannah Harbridge, and Capt Trisha King for outstanding support to the CAP mission during the 2013 Sun-n-Fun Airshow and Exposition.

                Capt Sam Chiodo for outstanding support to Group 2 in preparation for their SUI.

Southest Region Meritorious Service Award:

                C/Capt Kyle Curabba for outstanding and exceptional service in a position of immense responsibility as the cadet commander and cadet lead instructor at the inaugural Southeast Region Honor Academy in Tennessee June 2014.

Quality Cadet Unit Awards:

                89th MacDill Aviation Cadet Squadron FL089

                Palm Harbor Cadet FL 438

                North Tampa Lutz Cadet Squadron FL 243

                Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron FL 458

                                          Recognition of 2013 Award Recipients

Senior Member of the Year: Maj Yvonne Rodriguez Clearwater Composite Squadron FL 447

Cadets of the Year:

                Phase I: C/Brandon Wynn Clearwater Composite Squadron

                Phase II: C/Nichole Yager Hernando County Composite Squadron

                Phase III: C/Kyle Curabba Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron

                Phase IV: C/Miriam Elena Lee Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron

Air Force Association 2013 National CAP Aerospace Education Cadet of the Year Award:

 C/Lt Col  Jeremy King Polk County Composite Squadron FL 274

The AFA recognizes one CAP cadet for outstanding aerospace education contributions with its national CAP Aerospace Education Cadet of the Year Award. This is an annual award that goes to the most deserving cadet in the nation who has made significant contributions by promoting aerospace education within CAP and the local community.




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Seniors and Cadets Work Together to Spruce up Squadron Building
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Photo:  FL 066 cadets helping with cleanup

Dateline:   October 18, 2014,  Albert Whitted Airport

By:   Joyce Nader, Lt Col, PAO, Legal Officer, FL 182

Pinellas Senior Squadron members and St. Petersburg Cadet Squadron members teamed up on October 4, 2014, to spruce up the Unit’s building  located at Albert Whitted Airport.

Eager to get to work,  seniors and cadets met early that morning to share work duties to clean up the grounds around the building. There was a light rain which delayed the start of the joint work project.

Cadets and seniors enjoyed juice, coffee and pastries while they waited for the clouds to break and the rain to stop.

Maj Adrian Cuarta and Lt Ronalee Klase came together to schedule the work party for the benefit of both squadrons.  Maj Cuarta was pleased at the turnout, and said he “enjoyed the collegiality and commraderie and spirit of the group in working together to achieve a common goal.”

He said it was heartening to work with the young cadets and their unit commander Lt Klase, and said “their enthusiasm and work ethic was contagious.”

“Everyone worked hard and broke a sweat and got their hands and elbows dirty”, according to Lt Col McConnell.

Barbara Fernald, spouse of Lt Col Larry Fernald, was the “chef” for the day, grilling  burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings  for the hungry crowd.

The joint work day was a successful effort, and another one will be scheduled soon.



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CAP Members Join Worldwide Effort To Cleanup Beaches
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Photo:  Puerto Rico Wing members join thousands of people around the world to clean the ocean's beaches. (photos by Group 8 PRWG)

PUERTO RICO - On September 20, 2014, members from Civil Air Patrol’s Puerto Rico Wing joined several groups to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup campaign. This was the second year that cadets from the Manati Cadet Squadron and Colonel Clara E. Livingston Cadet Squadron helped their community by removing plastic, cans and other garbage from local beaches.

The day started with plenty of sun in the morning, then a downpour came” said Capt Pablo Jimenez, Group 8-PRWG Recruiting and Retention Officer, “everyone got wet, but we completed the mission.”

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is a global project coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy. According to the United Nations Environment Program website, the “beach clean-ups and campaigns are aimed at removing marine debris and collecting information on the amounts and types of litter in beaches, waterways, parks, markets, roadsides and schools. The garbage is removed for a more responsible and healthier disposal and, where possible, recycling or reuse of the material retrieved is encouraged.”

The CAP NHQ strategic plan encourages CAP units to use community service projects to enhance awareness of CAP and promote a sense of civic duty among its members.

Univision Puerto Rico.com News Story

Pinellas Senior and St. Petersburg Cadet squadrons hold first joint meeting.
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Photo:  Type photo caption here.

Dateline:  September 22, 2014

By: Joyce Nader, Lt Col, PAO, Legal Officer, FL  182


St. Petersburg Cadet Squadron, FL 066, and Pinellas Senior Squadron, FL 182, Civil Air Patrol, held its first joint meeting on Monday night, September 22, 2014, at the Unit’s building housed on Albert Whitted  Airport.

FL 182 Commander, Maj Adrian Cuarta, and Lt Ron Klem, Cadet Liaison for FL 182,  coordinated the first ever joint meeting with FL 066 Commander, Lt Ronalee Klase,  to include a program on Emergency Services, as well as pizza for the cadets and their senior sponsors.

In attendance was  Maj Jim Peto, Deputy Commander of Group 3, along with over 30 cadets and senior members from both units.

The meeting opened with the FL 066 cadets performing their drills, followed by pizza and soft drinks, and then the program.

The FL 066 cadet drills included mustering in formation, uniform inspection, and a promotion ceremony.  Cadet Airman Lance Kreitzer was promoted to Cadet Airman 1st Class, with Maj Peto, Maj Cuarta, and Lt Klase participating in the ceremony, while the cadets stood at attention, in formation, and the seniors looked on.

The   Emergency Services program was conducted by Lt Col Larry Fernald, as assisted by Lt Col Larry McConnell,  Maj Dan Antrim, and Maj Cuarta, who each participated in the search and rescue mission that was the subject of their program.   Their program centered on a real life search and rescue effort for a missing aircraft that took place in April, 2014, over central Florida. They took the cadets through the mission process, from inception to conclusion, and also fielded a myriad of thoughtful questions from the young cadets. 

When asked if the joint meeting proved worthwhile, Cadet Airman 1st Class Jonathon Klase, one of the grandsons of Lt Klase in attendance, said, “It brings two generations together, the cadets with the new ideas, and the seniors with the experience.” This sentiment was also echoed by the Group 3 Deputy Commander, Maj Peto.

Ron Klem, newly minted senior member and the cadet liaison, was a former cadet. He brought his young son to the meeting in hopes his son will join when he is eligible. SM Klem said he spent 4 years as a cadet, and that “it is invaluable in that it gives me a perspective as a senior and cadet liaison on what the cadets do, and how we can help as seniors with our knowledge and experience.”

Lt Klase hopes for participation by her cadets in upcoming SAREX exercises,  as well as regular meetings.  Maj Cuarta also gave a thumbs up to the whole affair, as did the entire audience, who clapped with vigor at the end of the  program.  The joint meeting proved to be a very rewarding experience for both squadrons, and more are planned for the future.

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Pinellas Senior Squadron, FL 182, have hosted an impressive roster of guest speakers
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Dateline:   Sept. 22, 2014

By:   Joyce Nader, Lt Col, PAO, Legal Officer, FL 182

Maj Adrian Cuarta, Commander, and Pinellas Senior Squadron, FL 182, have hosted an impressive roster of guest speakers over the past few regular Unit meeting nights:  Congressman David Jolly’s Constituent Services Representative for the South County District Office, Paul Matthews; Terri Griner, AWAPS president, along with Larry Langebrake, Director, SRI International St. Petersburg;  Dr. Sophia Lui, Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, USGS; and Lt Col David Carlson, Civil Air Patrol, Flight Training Officer for CAP’s Florida Wing.

Paul Matthews, USN (Ret.), US Congressman Jolly’s local Constituent Services Representative, was invited by Lt Col Larry Fernald to address St. Petersburg’s upcoming development of the Waterfront Master Plan.  Lt Col Phil Zedonek, Government Relations Advisor for CAP Florida Wing, was requested to attend the Unit’s meeting and present the history and background of CAP for Mr. Matthews, and respond to Mr. Matthews’ questions about the organization, its purpose and primary missions.  In addition to his talk on the Waterfront Master Plan, Mr. Matthews also discussed the potential role of CAP in the future, supporting both USAF, as well as other federal agencies.  Mr. Matthews extended Congressman Jolly’s good wishes, and talked about his  willingness to work closely with his constituents  as well as his open door policy.

Terri Griner, President of AWAPS, Albert Whitted Preservation Society, along with Larry Langebrake, Director of SRI International’s St. Petersburg office, was invited by Lt Col Larry Fernald, to address future development of the airport as part of the Waterfront Master Plan.  Ms. Greiner and Mr. Langebrake  spoke at length about the potential issues and concerns faced by the tenants of the airport, including AWAPS and CAP, and how our organizations may work together and support one another during the process. They took lots of questions and suggestions from the audience, and promised to share information as it became available. They indicated a public meeting was upcoming,  and that a member of our squadron should plan to attend.

Dr. Sophia Lui introduced the CAP audience to the crowdsource project called iCoast-Did the Coast Change?  Dr. Lui‘s informative presentation focused on this project, which involves aerial photography and mapping the Florida coastline, prior to and after major storm events, with online participants helping with the mapping process. She talked about the background and rationale of the program, and how CAP may assist USGS with the aerial photography component of the program.  She took questions from the senior members in attendance, and discussed the possibility of a partnership between the 2 organizations involving aerial photography that she hopes CAP will pursue at the local, state, and national level.



Lt Col David Carlson provided a familiarization and training session on the use and operation of the

Garmin 400W GPS.  This GPS unit is installed in the Cessna 172 S aircraft that was recently assigned to Albert Whitted Airport, the home of this unit. This valuable training will help aircrew members improve their proficiency when flying this aircraft.


Maj Cuarta stated “Pinellas Senior Squadron plans to host additional guest speakers in the near future on a variety of relevant topics of interest to the senior members The presentations by this  outstanding roster of guest speakers has proved to be helpful, informative, and valuable, and a tremendous resource for our members.”

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