Nostalgic Visit to Maxwell highlights Nat. Staff College Attendance for Cuarta, Nader
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Dateline: July 15, 2015, Maxwell Air Force Base, Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters

Maj Adrian Cuarta and Lt Col Joyce Nader attended National Staff College (NSC), hosted by the National Headquarters for Civil Air Patrol (CAP), from May 24-30, 2015, which is held annually at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama, the home of the CAP National Headquarters.

It proved to be a nostalgic visit for Nader, as her late father, Lt Eli Nader was stationed at Maxwell. Nader’s father Lt Nader, after completing his fighter pilot and aerial photography training, flew P-40s and P-51s, and ended up in the European Theatre of operations during World War II.

To honor her late father, Nader purchased a heritage legacy brick from the CAP Foundation, to be placed at the base of a CAP aircraft situated in front of the CAP National Headquarters. The CAP Foundation’s purpose is to promote and support CAP, its mission and programs. This is accomplished by providing “direct financial support to the organization; enabling it to provide scholarships to cadets for flight training, cadet program support, aerospace education activities, and direct support fo CAP STEM programs.” (Source:

Cuarta and Nader also participated in the joint purchase of two more bricks, one from the NSC 2015 class, and the other from their seminar group, Seminar 5, led by the very able seminar leader Col Jane Davies.

NSC is conducted annually, and is required to achieve Level V, the highest level of professional development for senior members in CAP. It then qualifies a member to receive the Gil Robb Wilson Award, named after the famed aviation pioneer and founder of CAP.

The programs held throughout the week at NSC were varied, informative, and interesting, with topics ranging from leadership training and development, team exercises, a seminar practicum, as well as information on the future and direction of the organization, presented by its top leaders, including the National Commander, Maj General Joseph Vazquez, and National Vice Commander, Brig Gen Larry Myrick.

One of the week’s highlights was a visit to the CAP National Headquarters, followed by a class photo.

A tour of the historic Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Museum provided a framework for the civil rights movement, and the struggle during World War II to integrate the US armed forces. This effort was led by, among others, General Benjamin O. Davis Jr., a West Point graduate, distinguished aviator, and the first African- American general officer in the US Air Force. The Level II award for CAP senior members is named after this pioneer four-star general.

The keynote speaker at the graduation banquet was the granddaughter to Gil Robb Wilson.

Chaplain (Capt) Jill Paulson read letters between Wilson and his mother, after the loss of Wilson’s beloved brother, her younger son, after he was killed fighting during World War I. Paulson was a moving and powerful speaker, and had the NSC graduates spellbound.

Unlike Cuarta, who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, Nader had never stayed on a military base. She was awe-inspired by the playing of reveille every morning, taps every evening, and the national anthem.

It was a long, but productive week, meeting other CAP members from around the US, speaking with the CAP leadership, learning new leadership and team building skills, and sharing in the camaraderie.

Cuarta recommends “attending Region Staff College when eligible, and definitely National Staff College, as it is a unique CAP experience not to be missed.”

Seminar 5, Tour Day, CAP National Headquarters


by CH Paul Ward

Heritage Bricks, CAP National Headquarters


by CH Paul Ward

Knot- Tying, GIIEP Training Wows Cadets
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Pinellas Senior Squadron (FL182) joined up once more with the St. Petersburg Cadet Squadron (FL066) for another gathering, sharing pizza, brownies, and birthday cake, as well as some all important training on June 29, 2015, at Albert Whitted Airport.

Commander 1st Lt Ronalee Klase (FL 066) and Deputy Commander 2d Lt Ron Klemm, the Cadet Laisson (FL 182), arranged for the joint meeting and training, another in a series that began last summer after Maj Adrian Cuarta took command of FL 182. Cuarta wanted more interaction with the cadets, as that is one of the three important missions of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Cuarta asked Klemm to serve as the liasson to the cadet squadron. Klemm has a young son who is ready to sign up as a cadet as soon as he reaches twelve, the age of eligibility.

Klemm gave the cadets instruction on an all-important skill, especially for cadet winter and summer encampments, the art of knot- tying with rope. Klemm served in the US Army as a demolition expert. He emphasized in his presentation to the cadets that “knot tying is a very important skill, and may prove to be very valuable in a variety of situations that you might find yourself. It was a valued skill in my area of expertise during my army career.”

Col Larry Fernald assisted Klemm, and provided the cadets with additional knot tying techniques for different purposes.

A work sheet was provided to the cadets by Klemm so that they could take notes on the different types of knots and their various purposes. Hands-on training was given to the cadets, with a rope strung across the front table, and each cadet given some rope to work with.

Cuarta also provided the cadets with an introduction and overview of the Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable (GIIEP) system, used by CAP to generate and utilize real time digital imagery in support of CAP’s Emergency Services mission.

After the GIIEP slideshow, the cadets and seniors from both squadrons enjoyed pizza and other treats, and lots of good conversation. 1st Lt Katrina Ray, a senior member of FL 066, was serenaded with a rousing rendition of “happy birthday”, sung by the 25 cadets and seniors who attended.

Another joint meeting will be planned in the fall. Cuarta , Klemm, and Klase are planning at least 3 to 4 joint gatherings annually, along with emergency services training and orientation flights.

2d Lt Klemm shows FL 066  cadets the ropes

Group 3 Commander Lampasona Presents Awards and Certificates, Holds Q/A Session
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A driving rain, which the National Weather Service deemed the 50-year storm event, caused the cancellation of Group 3 Commander Steve Lampasona’s planned visit to FL 182, Pinellas Senior Squadron. With flooded roadways and access impeded, FL 182 Commander, Maj Adrian Cuarta, made the important decision to cancel, as safety comes first in Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

Maj Lampasona was rescheduled to the following meeting, June 17, 2015, a clear, sunny and hot Florida day.

The purpose of Lampasona’s visit was to present awards and certificates to some of the senior members, and also hold a question and answer session on the direction of Group 3 and Florida Wing (FLWG) in the coming year, which included discussion of new programs, funding issues, and the upcoming CAP national conference to be held in Orlando in August, 2015.

Lampasona presented the following awards and certificates to FL 182 members:

2d Lt Wayne Zelinsky earned the Brig General Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager Award (Yeager) for having completed the Aerospace Education (AE) program for senior members; he also earned a Certificate of Completion for Squadron Leadership School (SLS);

2d Lt Keith Lukat, FL 182’s Emergency Services Officer, received his Certificate of Completion for SLS;

2d Lt John Buonasera also earned the Yeager award for completing the AE program;

Lt Col Joyce Nader was presented the 2014 Florida Wing (FLWG) Eileen Tonkinson Public Affairs Officer of the Year award. Nader was unable to attend and receive her award at the FLWG conference held in Orlando in May, 2015, as she was participating in CAP’s National Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL.

At the conclusion of the awards presentation, Lampasona took questions from the twenty members in attendance.

After the question-answer session, Cuarta invited Lampasona to stay for the remainder of the meeting, conducting regular and new business. Of the Group 3 Commander’s visit, Cuarta noted to the members, “it is an honor and privilege to have our Group commander present these certificates and awards.” Cuarta then shared with the members that “Group 3 received its own honor at the FLWG conference in May, 2015, being named Group of the Year, under the distinguished leadership and guidance of Maj Lampasona.”

Are You A Leader?
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After days of working together as a team cadets have bonded and found that together all things are possible and any task can be accomplished. 

Up to now each team has had a flight commander and a flight sergeant.  Today however, the flights were in for a challenge. The cadet leaders were taken away and the flight was left to their own way of working through an assigned mission. 

This mission: 20 minutes to find their way through The Leadership Reaction Course.   This would consist of a 5 minute briefing, a 5 minute planning session with 10 minutes to execute their way through this challenging course.   

Soon it was apparent that a flight without a leader could not find their way. Each cadet was attempting to have his or her voice heard yet no one was listening.  Eventually some cadets began to take a stronger role of leadership to fill the gap left by their flight commander and flight sergeant. Soon a "new" flight emerged to accomplish the assigned mission. 

Upon completing the Leadership Reaction Course, the cadets saw the practical side of everything they had experienced up to this point. These cadets have now seen what each needs to fulfill within themselves to continue the Civil Air Patrol mission.

2015 Florida Wing Summer Encampment
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Fifty-seven Line and Support Staff Cadet Members and 27 senior members arrived at Camp Blanding Army Post at noon on July 8, 2015 to prepare for the arrival of 224 basic cadets on Saturday, July 11, 2015. 

Some members began preparing months ago for this encampment, and have come from all across our great state of Florida. After check-in, the cadet staff received their assignments which will keep them busy for the duration of the encampment. This was followed by flight-time which offers the flight staff an opportunity to assess abilities and offers the cadets a chance to get to know each other. Time is also spent with a review of their military drill, leadership and retreat skills.

First order of business; the safety personnel combed the grounds for various hazards such as fire ants, spiders, and located a hornet’s nest - which was promptly destroyed and removed from the entry way of one of the 15 buildings used for the 2015 Summer Encampment. While this happened, our hardworking food services staff headed up by Lt Col. John Clark prepared a scrumptious dinner of Tossed salad, Homemade Lasagna, fresh dinner rolls and ice cold water!

The cadet staff worked into the evening putting together a fun exercise routine to keep the basic cadets motivated and always guessing, “what will be next.”

After hands on training by the Wing PAO, Capt. Tyler Lahnen, recorded the first Florida Wing Daily Podcast with host Cadet/Capt. Andrea Slouha along with co-hosts Cadet/SMSgt. Vennessa Curtis and C/2d Lt. Hannah Harbridge.

Take a moment to listen to the episodes brought to you by the Cadet public affairs staff and WingSpan Radio Show staff.  This is a great way for members that couldn't make it to Encampment and parents of cadets to keep up with what their kids are doing.

Create an account and click follow on the WingSpan Radio Show profile page.  The more followers we get, the more options become available, such as iTunes, I Heart Radio, etc, so please help us out!  There is also a Spreaker app for your smart phone and tablets. 


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