Success at Florida Leadership Academy
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When a 12-17 year old youth joins the Civil Air Patrol, they begin an intense learning experience.  This journey challenges them to learn and grow in different ways.  Through their CAP experience, they go through a number of phases – Learning, Leadership, Command and Executive.  The three cadets pictured entered into the Leadership Phase at [the Florida Leadership Academy] recently held in Orlando.  Left to right are:  Cadet Chief/MSgt Gabriel Abreu, Cadet Chief/MSgt Taylor Varner and Cadet Staff Sgt Douglas Short.

Cadet Short attended the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy.(NCOA) which is written for cadets in the Cadet Senior Airmen to Cadet Technical Sergeant grade range and approximately 14-15 years of age.  Additional requirements must be met to attend.  The curriculum emphasizes counseling, providing feedback, mentorship and followership.  Additional time is spent on NCO roles and responsibilities, use and compliance with regulations and policy, and the idea of a compliance culture. Program fundamentals such as drill and ceremonies, uniform wear and customs and courtesies are extensively discussed.   

Cadet Abreu and Varner attended the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, (SNCOA).  This curriculum is written for the grade range that these two cadets are in.  It builds upon the fundamental topics in the NCOA and continues to discuss these topics in more detail.  Students complete mock counseling sessions and receive feedback on how to improve their ability to provide constructive feedback to subordinates.  Also, an introduction to lesson planning development and an in depth look at teaching complex topics.  Cadets learn basic scheduling fundamentals and continued instruction in drill and ceremonies commensurate to their grade.

These three young men completed the course with flying colors and received their diplomas.

CAP is the Congressional Gold Medal winning Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  Tax deductible donations may be sent to Charlotte Squadron, 28000 A-21 Airport Road, Punta Gorda, FL 33982-2452.  Visit us at

CAP Participates in Veterans' Day Celebration on Marco Island
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On Wednesday, November 11th, the nation celebrated Veterans' Day.  Locally, the Marco Island ceremony took place in the Veterans' Community Park on a beautiful, sunny day.

Historically, the holiday was called Armistice Day and reprersented the end of hostilities in World War I on 11/11 at 11:11. This year's celebration featured the national anthem sung by Rose Kramer; a Civil Air Patrol fly-over; a POW-MIA ceremony; the reading of the names of Marco Island veterans who died in the past two years; patriotic songs by the Morning Musicians from the Tommie Barfield Elementary School; music by the Marco Strummers and the special presentation of the Omaha Beach sand. 

The guest speaker for the occasion was retired Air Force captain, Wayne O. Smith, a POW in Vietnam for over five years.

Among the pomp and ceremony that marked the Veterans Day celebration was a special presentation to the WWII Veterans lead by Captain Bob Corriveau, Commander, CAP squadron FL-376, and assisted by Lee Rubenstein, Commander, American Legion Post 404. 

As Captain Corriveau narrated the presentation, 23 WWII Veterans each received a special token in the form of a tiny vial of sand scooped up from Omaha Beach, one of five sectors of the allied invasion of German-occupied France during the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944. 

The vials were secured by veteran Lee Rubenstein, and contain roughly the same number of grains of sand as the number of allied casualties during that time – 4,414.

Captain Fred Edwards, Communications Officer FL376, coordinated the fly-over of the three WWII T-28 aircrafts. Major Dave Walsh, Marco Island Senior Squadron, served as flag bearer of the Marco Island CAP banner.

The organizations taking part in the ceremony were the Marco Island Police and Fire & Rescue; the American Legion Post; the VFW Post; the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Civil Air Patrol Marco Island Senior Squadron. The CAP squadron had great attendance being the largest group represented at the celebration. 

Group 2 Assists at airshow
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Several squadrons from Group Two combined to help make the recent Sea and Sky air show at Jacksonville Beach a big success.  Cadets and senior members of Cecil Field Cadet Squadron, Jacksonville Composite Squadron, Fruit Cove Cadet Squadron, and St. Augustine Composite Squadron were organized by 1st Lt Jim Kersten, the Deputy Commander for Cadets at Cecil Field Cadet Squadron, into a superb team who helped man two information booths and a Kids Zone station.  “I was so proud of the work done by the Civil Air Patrol cadets. They looked sharp in their uniforms and they were so respectful and polite when dealing with the public,” said Mari Ganues, event specialist for the City of Jacksonville.

While hard at work with their volunteer duties, the CAP members got to see a great show headlined by the Navy Blue Angels. They were also rewarded with some tasty lunches and each one of them received a certificate of appreciation along with a distinctive souvenir t-shirt.  “This was a wonderful opportunity for the public to find out what Civil Air Patrol is all about. We got to talk to people about our mission and our emphasis on volunteer service,” said Lt Kersten. “Hopefully we can continue our partnership with Sea and Sky next year.” 

Cadets Serve Veterans
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This year's Veteran's Day was quite different for many.  Fifteen cadets of the Charlotte County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol spent their day with the veterans of The Douglas T. Jacobson State Veteran's Nursing Home, located off Veteran's Boulevard.  

The cadets served lunch, sat and ate with their "adopted grandparents and great-grandparents for the day". They visited one on one, much to the pleasure of the patients and their family members.  The frivolity and entertainment continued with singing of songs, dancing by two of the cadets that brought enjoyment to the group.  Even a cadet as "Elvis" showed up to entertain and sing.  The veterans and their families "loved" it.

Many, many comments were made complimenting the cadets on their perfect behavior, politeness, respect and proper wearing of the uniform.  Their excellent saluting when the national anthem was played was commented on also.  This was a great day for everyone.  The veterans were entertained by "their grandkids" and the cadets participated in another life experience. They have learned their lessons of CAP well and put them on display with perfection.

The picture  shows the cadet attendees, left to right:  C/Airman Gavin Lewis, C/Airman Elijah Fraley, C/Staff Sgt Douglas Short, C/Airman Zachary Jakubuwski, C/ Sr Airman Michael Griffith, C/Staff Sgt Austin Boley, C/A1C Lara Shelatz, lst Lt Gail L. Arnold, C/Airman Jamie MacLeod, C/2nd Lt Cooper Whitten, C/A1C Samuel Greisiger, C/A1C Sean Staples, C/Airman Tyler Ezzi, C/Airman Luke Darling, C/Airman Matthew Dilena.  lst Lt Gail Arnold is the Vice Commander of Cadets.  and supplied the picture.

Group 7 Fly Day
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Before the beautiful sunrise in Key West, cadets and senior officers from the Key West Composite Squadron assembled at their unit meeting headquarters. They boarded their van at 0430 hours and headed to Homestead General Airport (X51) for a day of flying and training. This was followed by other members of Group 7, airplanes and other assets to relocate to X51 as well on June 20th.

As the planes landed at X51 and members assembled, you could feel the excitement for what was about to take place. Cadets were quickly divided into 2 groups. The first group was those who were going to fly in the gliders first. The other group was those who were to receive powered O-Rides.

Capt Robert Guizana began to brief cadets on what to expect for the glider o-rides and the operation of the airport. After his briefing the first glider flights began at 0800 hours. There was a continuous flow of take offs and landings and cadets being staged for the flights.

For the cadets that started on the powered o-rides, they were checked in and issued a number so they knew their order of flying for the day. The 3 CAP aircraft were prepared for the first powered O-Rides of the day. The Group 7 operations officer Major Oscar Finol prepared the next group of cadets that were flying and the pilots so that as soon as the planes landed they were ready to launch with the next group.

While cadets were waiting for their flights they were given several different training option stations. The training offered was communication training stage, ES training stage and direction finding training stage. This additional training throughout the day allowed cadets and senior members to have direct hands on training for emergency services.

The results of the day were very clear. This proved to be a great success. There were over 85 members from 9 different units, 3 CAP corporate aircraft, and 3 corporate vans . This enabled us to complete 30 powered O-Rides and 24 glider O-Rides for a total of 54 O-Rides, of which 20 were first flights. From this great success Group 7 is planning a follow up fly day in August 2015.

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