Leaders of Cadets Share in Vision for Success
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The Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) is Civil Air Patrol’s "premiere venue" for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The blended training includes both online modules and in-person workshop. Florida Wing’s Group 5 conducted a TLC Basic Course on February 18 in Punta Gorda, FL.

“The training was converted this year so that the in-residence portion can be completed in one day,” said Lt. Col. Milton “Jim” Kaletta, Course Director. “This makes it easier for our members to complete this valuable training.”

The curriculum of the basic course provides an overview of cadet life and the reasoning behind the cadet program elements. It provides insights for adult cadet program officers to gain better understanding of their role in a successful cadet squadron. The topics discussed range from recruiting and effective orientation to the structure of great squadron meetings.

“It is very helpful for the adult leaders to understand the vision behind the cadet program,” said Kaletta. “The cadets can experience greater success if the adults have this knowledge about the program elements and the outcomes each produces.”

The participants also explored ways to create fun opportunities beyond the regular meeting schedule.

Kaletta, who also serves as Group 5 commander, has set a goal for each cadet squadron in Group 5 to earn the Quality Cadet Unit Award. He feels the pursuit of the award helps to develop strong program fundamentals in the unit and the award criteria serves as a good management tool.

The 2017 class included 2nd Lt. Andre Bouchane, FL-804; Lt. Col. Dave Moruzzi, FL-370; Capt. James Deer, FL-044; 2nd Lt. Julie McDonald, FL-051; 1st Lt. Justin LaBrie, FL-816; 2nd Lt. Karen Casa, FL-051; SM Lorraine Conlan, FL-044; 1st Lt. Louis Corda, FL-044; Capt. Madeline Kirsten-Bouchane, FL-804; 1st Lt. Peter Leckband, FL-044; Lt. Col. Raymaond Rosenberg, FL-370; 1st Lt. Ruth Byron, FL-816; Maj. Robert Corriveau, FL-376; Lt. Col. Tom Trammell, FL-335; Capt. Katharina Svecak, FL-044; Lt. Col. Rita Cucchiara FL-335; Maj. Brad Thomas, FL-044; Maj. Nancy Spieth, FL-816; Capt. Jonathan Abraham, FL816.

Also participating as instructors: Capt. Ann Marie Kozloski, Lt. Col. Jim Kaletta and Lt. Col. James Speith.

Naples Cadet Squadron Shows Community Support at Humane Society Run4Paws
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On 28 January 2017, Naples Cadet Squadron supplied the parking lot and facilities for the Run4Paws to set up support booths and an awards tent. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members took the opportunity for recruiting and to create additional exposure to the community. 

A perfect morning greeted the participants at the 11th Annual Run4Paws, held at the Naples Civil Air Patrol hangar. At 7 AM, a cool, crisp morning found 1st Lt Donald Binner, PAO, and C/Amn Ari Mastrogiacomo watching the sun rise. Members of the Naples Cadet Squadron soon arrived at the CAP hangar in community support of the annual 5K Humane Society race.

Five CAP members arrived early for the race while others took the opportunity to recruit or promote the Civil Air Patrol. Participating for the first time were C/A1C Cendall Gonzales, C/Amn Ari Mastrogiacomo, C/SSgt Sean Phillips. Second year returning senior members were 1st Lt Donald Binner and 2nd Lt David Stevens. Many parents of our cadets were there for support.

The 8AM start had cadets Gonzales and Phillips with an early lead. They completed the 5K race with run times in the 30 minute range. Binner and Mastrogiacomo finished but it took a little longer. Stevens remained at the base to recruit: the event drew over 700 runners.

The race was mostly completed by 9AM, the awards then followed. After the race, Stevens, Binner and Mastrogiacomo were seen interacting with the crowd, distributing CAP brochures to adults and children alike. 

Binner, Stevens, Mastrogiacomo

Change of Command: Maj Cuarta moves to Florida Wing and Lt Klemm becomes Commander
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Group 3 Commander, Maj Steve Lampasona, presided over an impressive Change of Command (“COC”) ceremony at the Pinellas Senior Squardon, FL 182, Civil Air Patrol (“CAP”), on February 1, 2017.   Maj Adrian Cuarta, who has been the squadron commander for 3 years, and who has served in various roles for 10 years, turned over the reins to Lt Ron Klemm.   

Maj Cuarta is moving to Florida Wing (“FLWG”) to serve as the Director of Professional Development. As Director, he will be responsible for managing and directing all functions related to the implementation of the CAP Professional Development Program in subordinate units. Additionally, the Director’s role will be to create a positive unit training environment, where CAP’s seniors can develop their required skills in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Serving as the flag bearer was Lt Klemm’s son, Sean, who is a cadet in FL 066, St. Petersburg Cadet Squadron, the cadet squadron that shares the same building with FL 182.  The new Commander has also served as the liaison to FL 066, coordinating functions between the seniors and cadets.

The COC began with the invocation, conducted by Lt Col Larry McConnell, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then the ceremony began, in accordance with CAP protocols.

Along with 25 seniors from FL 182 in attendance, there were other squadron commanders from Group 3, including, Lt Ronalee Klase (St Petersburg Cadet), Maj Sam Chiodo (Hillsborough One Senior), and Maj Joe Mora (MacDill Cadet).

Following the COC ceremony, Maj Cuarta gave some parting remarks, thanking everyone for their hard work and service as “volunteers to our great nation.”   He received a well deserved ovation.

Lt Klemm then took over the podium, and gave opening remarks. He praised Cuarta for his “dedication, hard work, service to CAP, and mentorship to me, preparing me for this challenging job.”

The remarks were followed by a promotion, with SM Ben Brooks reading the order, and Klemm presenting Lt Keith Lukat, with his 1st Lt  epaulets.  Lukat is FL 182’s Emergency Services Officer.

A social hour concluded the COC, with food and refreshments provided by the newly minted Commander, Lt Ron Klemm.


Charlotte County Cadet Squadron Ready for 2017
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The cadet squadron of the Charlotte County Composite Squadron, headquartered at the Punta Gorda Airport, did not skip a beat just because it was a new year. The Christmas holiday did not have an effect on their momentum either.

At the first meeting of the year, command of the cadets passed from Major Mikehla L. Hicks to 1st Lt Cooper L. Whitten. Cooper has been a member of CAP for four years. He has moved steadily through the ranks compiling an excellent record of performing at a high level. He is home schooled and presently at the junior year level of high school. Plans include college at FSU majoring in criminal justice and a stint in the Air Force or Army ROTC.

The transition of Commanders should go very smoothly as Cooper is very well trained in all disciplines of leadership. He will now guide the 43 members of the unit consisting of both boys and girls, ages 12-18.

The cadet program is designed to foster leadership and good citizenship in America's youth, using aerospace education, Air Force role models with emphasis on public service. Most of all, it challenges them to learn and grow in ways they may have not had the opportunity to were it not for the program. As each goes through the Motivation Phase, the Learning Phase, the Leadership Phase, the Command Phase and the Executive Phase, they learn and grow in endless ways. Their outlook on life changes. They become more concerned about "others" and working together to achieve common goals.

Seven cadets, who have embraced the Civil Air Patrol program, were promoted on this night to make a special start to 2017.

C/Major Mikehla Hicks (left) turns over the reins of cadet command to 1st Lt. Cooper Whitten.

Cadets Gain Insight to Inauguration Security
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The regular Thursday night meeting of the Lee County Schools Cadet Squadron began right on time with First Sergeant Bella Viator leading the squadron in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Cadet Oath.

A visit from retired Air Force Senior Master Sargent David Byron gave the cadets and seniors insight into the inner workings of a presidential inauguration ceremony. He described his duty assignments for the President Bush’s inauguration in 2004 and President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. He recounted how cold it gets in January on top of a high-rise building, and the thousands of people including military, law enforcement, media and civilian personnel that it takes to manage a major event without glitches or, at least not many, and to make it look like a smooth, well-planned event.

The agenda also included a presentation by Cadet Master Sargent Cooper Bisbe on how to be a Wingman and what it means.

Unit Commander, Maj. Nancy Spieth, delivered a presentation on using the chain of command for new cadets and a review of the Equal Opportunity Policy.

The meeting concluded with announcements of upcoming events and a promotion ceremony for Cadet Bisbe. Congratulations to C/MSgt Cooper Bisbe!

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